2018 Members Easter Exhibition

Judge: Peter O’Neill

First Prize: Road Through Peel
Artist: Bruce Holmes
Medium: Oil

Second Prize: Ranges of Time
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended : Callala Beach Walkway
Artist: Fred Blakers
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended:Three Pears
Artist: Peter Burger
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Sunlit Gums – Blue Mountains
Artist: Helen Hudson
Medium: Acrylic

Highly Commended: Le Plein
Artist: Thierry Ollivain
Medium: Photograph

Commended: The Accident, The Airwaves
Artist: Roman Balla
Medium: Photomontage on art paper

Commended: Kanimbla 2
Artist: Natasha Daniloff
Medium: Oil

Commended: Stitched Connections 1
Artist: June Fiford
Medium: Embroidery

Commended: Descent
Artist: Julie Martin
Medium: Photograph

Commended: Calico Cat
Artist: Larissa Ollivain
Medium: Drawing

Commended: Uluru
Artist: Lucinda Strauss
Medium: Pastel on Paper

Encouragement award for first time exhibitor: Portrait of Lost Hills
Artist: Lilianne Ivins
Medium: Oil on wood

People’s Choice (shared):  Grazing at Olinda
Artist: Helen Hudson

People’s Choice (shared):  Before the Storm on the Western Plains
Artist: Annie Joseph
Medium: Watercolour