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I’m a printmaker and potter with L plates, having happy and unhappy accidents in equal quantities. I have painted in the past (acrylic) but decided in 2015 to focus my attention on to the two mediums I really wanted to become good at. Printing and pottery have surprising similarities; with both you make an object (a thrown or hand-built form; a plate) and then from that comes the finished artwork (a glazed object; a print). Both parts of the process can go wrong, sometimes a wrong in one part of the process can be made right in the next (and vice versa). Both have an element of process that is completely out of control of the artist. When you open the kiln, or pull the paper up from the plate, you never quite know what’s going to be there.

While I haven’t tried it yet, it is possible to print on to pots, and to use clay to make print plates, so these two artforms are more complementary than even I thought.

Apparently, Virgo/Roosters are finickity perfectionists and I wonder sometimes if I’m indulging in some form of bloody minded masochism, but mostly I don’t think about it – I’m just trying to take a break from thinking.
I’ve sold a few pieces so I can’t be doing too badly 🙂



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