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I love painting and drawing ┬áthe landscape, because there is never any shortage of subjects, and am lucky to be able to work in my wondrous studio surrounded by beautiful hills and valleys of Old Bowenfels at Lithgow. My heartland is further west tho’, out in the central west where the sky comes down to your boots! I mostly work in charcoal, pen and wash, watercolours and acrylics. I usually exhibit in local Art Shows – Blackheath, Tarana, Blue Mountains, Taralga, Portland, and the Royal Easter Show, and recently had a successful solo exhibition in Lithgow. I’ve also had several commissions and did the illustrations for “Loreto Normanhurst, A Century of Memories”, “Resting Beneath the Rainbow” by Tess Elliot, and the illustrated map of Rydal Village for the Daffodil Festival

CONTACT: Pnone: 02 6351 3839
Mobile: 0418 117 743
Address: PO Box 168, Lithgow 2790