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Artist: Beverley Elizabeth Taylor, working with natural materials of the excitingly beautiful and versatile Bark of the Melaleuca tree (Paperbark), the Persoonia tree (Geebung) and the Leptospermum tree (Tea Tree). Basically I paint with bark using very fine pieces of the wonderfully coloured Australian native trees and plants as my palette.

Two are Giclee prints, Shearing the Rams (original by Tom Roberts 1890)and The Potato Eaters (original by Van Gough 1885) which are Limited Editions, and you cannot tell when looking at the picture that it is not the tree bark itself that I have used.

I also sometimes use paint as background for some or the work. The bark is unique to Australia, and can be very fine, almost like lace in some instances, while other pieces are covered with a dusty powder. I also use the natural material of some leaves which looks like leather.  The range of textures of the bark is amazing. The bark is loose on the trees and does fall onto the ground. The pictures are also sprayed for protection, and have sold around the world.
 I also paint with oils, which I must admit is quicker, but my love for the bark is hard to surpass, being a living product.

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