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Winner:  Ann Warnes

Judge: Rilka Oakley

President Adele Bruens

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Prizegiving photographs by Gary Levin

Judge’s  Comments

When I was here judging the show I was thinking about why I was drawn to certain works. Thinking about how art prize judging is really very subjective and even arbitrary. Its really about my opinion – my likes or dislikes – what I’m personally drawn to.

When it comes down to it I can have an opinion (it might be educated or it might draw on my years of experience in the artworld) but its still just my opinion.  Actually it might be sentimental or whimsical. What I see is influenced or filtered through my life experiences. So again I say its just an opinion.

So I wanted to say to all the entrants – you are all making something creative out of nothing – you are entering the world of creativity through your chosen medium and chosen subject matter – whatever the quality or technical skill or experimentation with different materials – whatever the end result – you are already winning (as corny as that sounds) but its true.

I have two children in year 7. I have just found out that visual art is no longer a compulsory subject after year 7. The Board of Studies at some point made a decision that Music, Visual Art and Languages were not an essential part of our education system. I am still kind of in shock about this. I find it sad and kind of scary. So when I see people out there making art, enjoying their creativity, putting themselves on the line by exhibiting their work I am hopeful that creativity will survive our outdated, actually backward education system.

So – to everyone who didn’t get a mention – you are winning just by being here. Congratulations for being part of keeping art relevant.

Ann Warnes: Untitled 2 Oil

First Prize: Untitled 2

Artist: Ann Warnes

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments:

The winning work is unassuming –  innocent even. It has a charm and modesty that is refreshing. Its simple composition references farmland and rolling hills. There is an openness and lightness in the work that kept my attention. Yet there is depth too. A story waiting to unfold in the lives of those who live there and tend the animals.

Picking the winner is always hard and yet when I stood in the space and looked around the work that touched me most deeply was Ann Warnes untitled oil painting – Congratulations Ann.

Thierry Ollivain: Winter Photograph

Second Prize;  Winter

Artist: Thierry Ollivain

Medium: Photograph

Judge’s comments:

I should just say I originally studied printmaking and photography. It really is hard for me to go past a good photo and this particular one had some etching elements that drew me in even more. The photographer has captured a certain grunge element that is visually attractive and there is also an element of fantasy about the work.

Natasha Daniloff: Midlands, Tasmania Oil

Highly Commended : Midlands, Tasmania

Artist: Natasha Daniloff

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

This wintry beachscape brought back so many memories of camping with my dad. I love the composition, the feel of the beach, the emptiness – a little bit of wilderness.


Bethany Flynn: Sorry Pen on paper

Highly Commended: Sorry

Artist: Bethany Flynn

Medium: Pen on paper

Judge’s comments: 

This work kept me thinking about media and materials and how artists can use so many things to make marks. The different results that are obtained with different tools or materials. I love the raw emotion shown here with so many things going on for each character.

Gillian Hand: Sun Bleached Landscape Textile

Highly Commended: Sun Bleached Landscape

Artist: Gillian Hand

Medium:  Textile

Judge’s comments:  

I didn’t pay much attention to this work at first – sorry about that – but as I spent time in the space and kept looking around to see where my eyes and thoughts would rest I kept coming back to this landscape. It reads like an aerial map. With layers of story. There is depth here – something to discover.

I also felt compelled to acknowledge the use of different materials. It can be hard to work in materials traditionally not considered high art. And even though mostly those barriers have been removed it still remains a struggle.

Barbara Holmes: The Red Chair, Haefliger's Oil

Highly Commended: The Red Chair, Haefliger’s

Artist: Barbara Holmes

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments:  

This work stood out from early in my visit to the gallery. I love the reflection of light on the ceiling. The composition. Execution. The use of light and dark. I found it left me wondering what had just happened – who had just walked out the door.

Ian Brown: Flannel Flowers and Sandstone Photograph

Commended: Flannel Flowers and Sandstone

Artist:  Ian Brown

Medium: Photograph

Judge’s comments: 

I love this photo. So evocative and simple. I am always drawn to Black and White photography and this definitely stood out.


Lilianne Ivins: Mt Solitary Burning Oil on board

Commended: Mt Solitary Burning

Artist: Liliane Ivins

Medium: Oil on board

Judge’s comments: 

I thought this deserved a mention as a very recent and yet rare event that capture many people’s attention and imaginations. It was a spectacular burn that was quite controversial. I felt that this painting showed the billowing clouds accurately and effectively.

Gary Levin: KP, aye!

Commended: KP, aye!

Artist:  Gary Levin

Medium:  Photograph

Judge’s comments: 

I was drawn to this photo for the sharp lines, the contrast and the architectural references. It reads like an abstract painting and yet has detail. Well done.


Joy Myers Creed: Memories Pencil and ink

Commended: Memories

Artist: Joy Myers Creed

Medium: Pencil and ink

Judge’s comments: 

This pencil and ink drawing stuck out to me due to its simplicity and honesty. The concept of memory is easily portrayed – there is no affectation here – no tricks – there is a feeling of effortlessness in the lines.

Phil Went: Lemon Garlic Oil on linen

Commended: Lemon Garlic

Artist: Phil Went

Medium: Oil on linen

Judge’s comments: 

I love the intimacy of this work. It is simple as a still life should be – with an everyday, homely feel. I particularly liked the winter references of lemon and garlic which I use in curing colds.


Vanessa Whittington: Evening Sky over Springwood Oil on canvas

Commended: Evening Sky over Springwood

Artist: Vanessa Whittington

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

I was drawn to this work because of the unusual skyline – looking over the roof tops without seeing the buildings below – the rough clouds and wintry sunset evoking a very typical mountains feel.

Helen Hudson: Misty Escarpment, Acrylic

The People’s Choice: Misty Escarpment
Artist: Helen Hudson
Medium: Acrylic