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Winner: Natasha Daniloff

Councillor Don McGregor

Local member: Trish Doyle

President: Brian Bright

Exhibition Coordinator: Elizabeth Bizzini

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Prizegiving photographs by Gary Levin

First Prize: Cox’s River

Artist: Natasha Daniloff

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments:

A powerful assertion of self, combined with elements of the landscape. An exhilarating use of dark tones. There is enough psychic energy in this painting to revive an ailing football team.

Second Prize: Fiery Sunset & Full Moon Rising – Sublime Point

Artist: Sanja Zemljacenko Herrmann

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments:

A typical mountain landscape made new by a beautiful handling of mid-tones and burnished light.

Highly Commended : Despair

Artist:  Richard Grammer

Medium: Charcoal

Judge’s comments: 

A remarkable drawing. A calligraphic swirl, resulting in a well-formed study of the human face. 

Highly Commended: Autumn Evening, Katoomba St 2017

Artist: Linda Hemmings

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A bold colourful and affectionate rendition of the local environment.

Highly Commended: Old Signal Box, Bathurst

Artist: Bruce Holmes

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments:  

A dangerously abandoned rendition of the environment, with a knowing wink to Soutine and some of the Fauves.

Highly Commended: Mountain Journey

Artist: Alison Inigo

Medium: , Oil

Judge’s comments:  

Bold maternal forms relating to the landscape, combined with moody submerged colour.

Commended: Portland II

Artist:  Jane Canfield

Medium: Oil and charcoal

Judge’s comments: 

A delicate balancing of restrained colour and tone in a wide-angle format.

Commended: Sunny Autumn

Artist: Lucy Dawson

Medium: Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

An intensified use of colour and pattern to signify the autumn landscape.

Commended: Through the Trees

Artist:  Yvonne de Haan

Medium:  Mixed Media

Judge’s comments: 

Colour intensification taken to such an extreme that it really shouldn’t work, and yet it does.

Commended:  Energy and Excitement

Artist: Hiren Patel

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A sophisticated use of colour and tone to evoke the atmosphere of the built environment.

Commended:  Near Kata Juta

Artist: Pat Skenridge

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A strong colour statement evoking the essence of outback landscape.

Commended:Untitled (Donkey and Duck)

Artist: Pam Vaughan

Medium:  Mixed media

Judge’s comments: 

A beautiful handling of the medium, setting up a subtle tonal drama.

The People’s Choice: Energy and Excitement
Artist: Hiren Patel
Medium: Oil