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Winner: Elizabeth Roet

Prize donor Stephen Williams, Century 21

Acting President Jo Chipperfield

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Prizegiving photographs by Gary Levin and Geoff Smith

Judges’s comments:

Overall, the exhibition contained a field of diverse and quality artworks. The smaller artworks were particularly strong, displaying adventurous use of colour. Many artists honoured the everyday or local vernacular in their works. Proof that you don’t have to produce large artworks to be noticed.

Elizabeth Roet: Bleaching, Oil

First Prize: Bleaching

Artist: Elizabeth Roet

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments:

This is a glorious abstract painting with a powerful political message. In a time of climate change and warming oceans, this work reminds us of the threat to the world’s coral reefs – and of the role of artists in helping us to treasure our environment.

Ian Brown: The Clouds Parted, Gangerang Range, Photograph

Second Prize and shared People’s Choice: The Clouds Parted, Gangerang Range

Artist: Ian Brown

Medium: Photograph

Judge’s comments:

This photograph is both technically brilliant and glorious. As with all good photography, the artists has waited to capture a moment in time – when clouds part to reveal the majesty of the mountains.

Barbara Holmes: Street Scene, Bathurst, Oil

Highly Commended : Street Scene, Bathurst

Artist:  Barbara Holmes

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

Holmes has chosen as her subject matter an everyday scene with a touch of humour –  a suburban street corner, with a car racing away. Her paint handling is confident, her colours beautifully capture changing seasons, Autumn to winter.

Ruth le Cheminant: Looking Out of the Cabin at Angorichina, Acrylic on canvas

Highly Commended: Looking Out of the Cabin at Angorichina

Artist: Ruth le Cheminant

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

This large artwork has a glorious use of colour. It is at once landscape and abstraction. A painting full of light and happiness.

Gaele Rogers Perazzo: Fogbound on Mistral, Katoomba, Pastel

Highly Commended: Fogbound on Mistral, Katoomba

Artist: Gaele Rogers Perazzo

Medium:  Pastel

Judge’s comments:  

This pastel captures the effect of an orange streetlight on a deserted wet street corner at night. The subject matter is both mysterious and threatening.

Phil Went: Ronnie, Oil on linen

Highly Commended: Ronnie

Artist: Phil Went:

Medium: , Oil on linen

Judge’s comments:  

This sensitive portrait captures the spirit and nature of its subject ‘Ronnie’. Sophisticated tonal qualities and confident handling of paint.

Jane Canfield: Portland House, Oil on canvas/board

Commended:  Portland House

Artist:  Jane Canfield

Medium: Oil on canvas/board

Judge’s comments: 

A particularly beautiful yet simple artwork. Small in scale, its subtle palette and simplicity of form belies its sophistication. Beautifully captures the softness of winter light.

Kathy Harrington: Blue on Blue, water media

Commended: Blue on Blue

Artist: Kathy Harrington

Medium: Water media

Judge’s comments: 

Artist captures the delicacy of petal and colour of the Hydrangea flower. Use of intense Yves Klein blue as a background colour makes the flower pop. Use of flattened background plane and vase is a clever visual trick.

Geoff Hayes: Hawkesbury Harmony, Mixed media

Commended: Hawkesbury Harmony

Artist:  Geoff Hayes

Medium:  Mixed Media

Judge’s comments: 

This landscape section, captures the softness and intricate formation of Sydney sandstone found all along the Hawkesbury’s water edge. Clever handling of mixed media and colour.

Ulla Heckel: The Long Walk Home, Oil

Commended: The Long Walk Home

Artist: Ulla Heckel

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

Confident use of colour and paint medium. This small work packs an attention seeking punch.

Goeff Smith: Mountain Ash in Mist, Photograph

Commended:  Mountain Ash in Mist

Artist: Goeff Smith

Medium: Photograph

Judge’s comments: 

This Black and White photograph places the viewer inside a dense bush forest scene, through which is misted light. Captured here is a highly evocative, private and primeval world.

Sanja Zemljacenko Harrmann: Last glimpse of the Sunset, Oil on canvas

Commended:Last glimpse of the Sunset

Artist: Sanja Zemljacenko Harrmann

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

This painting of sunlight glimpsed through native flowers has a strong graphic design element. Use of tertiary colour particularly confident.

Off the Mudgee Road: Artist: Leonie Lyall Medium: Oil

The People’s Choice (shared with Ian Brown, see above)  Off the Mudgee Road: 
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil