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Workshops are a way to extend our skills, we learn better ways , and refine our art making. We can also learn and experience new skills in a workshop outside our chosen field, not only extending our practice but stimulating us in our usual chosen field.

There is great satisfaction in creating good artwork, satisfaction that goes to the core of our being, our workshops foster the making of art and the appreciation of each others art making in the presence of expert guidance from the tutor.

In 2017 we also introduced short courses. 

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About Clara

Clara Hali is an artist who engages with the sculptural possibilities offered by the human form. Influenced by the Cubist ethos of combining figurative and abstract planes, Clara’s sculptures explore the bold characteristics of both the female and male figure. Her journey with the human form has been influenced by her surrounding landscape, as she captures the vulnerability of human nature through the precarious rock formations that are characteristic of the Blue Mountains. Employing the metaphor of landscape, the sculptures explore how life’s experiences can impact and shape us, capturing humanity’s strengths and weaknesses.

Clara studied sculpture at the National Art School in Sydney and later some engineering and ornamental ironwork at the Sydney Institute of Technology. Clara Hali has been a lecturer at the National Art School since 1988 and completed her Masters of Fine Art there in 2007. She has exhibited extensively, and her work is represented in the collections including Macquarie University (Sydney), University of Sydney, Compaq Computers and Brambles Australia.

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