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Workshops are a way to extend our skills, we learn better ways , and refine our art making. We can also learn and experience new skills in a workshop outside our chosen field, not only extending our practice but stimulating us in our usual chosen field.

There is great satisfaction in creating good artwork, satisfaction that goes to the core of our being, our workshops foster the making of art and the appreciation of each others art making in the presence of expert guidance from the tutor.

In 2017 we also introduced short courses. 

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About Phil

Phil is an award-winning artist who has always been fascinated with classical techniques, and studied in Florence last year. He specialises in figurative works, portraits, and still-life. His preferred method of working is primarily from life under natural light.

Phil has studied at the Julian Ashton Art School in Sydney, and the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy.

Influences include: Rembrandt,Tiepolo, Jan Steen, Dutch Golden Age, Sargent, Anders Zorn, Velazquez, Ilya Repin, Tom Roberts and Robert Hannaford. Phil is a BAS member.

Outside his artistic endeavours, Phil provides software development, website hosting, ecommerce development and business consulting to artists and small business through his company Logiskate.

You can read more and see Phil’s work on his website or view his Florence trip and other works on Instagram



This workshop  is now FULLY BOOKED

From Ruth – about this workshop

This workshop was ‘born’ after a conversation with colleagues at an exhibition. I had admired the work of another artist in the exhibition and she said ‘yes, but I love your work – you’re free and I’m not.’ In the ensuing discussion my reply was ‘to achieve it you need to let go’. I started waving my arms around, talking about working with the medium and the colours. And after some more time spent talking I was asked ‘how?’ I then said I ‘I can show you if you have some time?’ And in trying to organise the time it was suggested, we should go one better than that, that I shold do a workshop here at BAS so those interested in being more relaxed and wanting to ‘let go’ could attend. I said yes. A space was found in the calendar and as a result BAS has given me the opportunity to share with you how to ‘let go’ in your art practice – to play, explore, work with the immediate and be fearless.The ‘how’ will be a magical mystery tour of your creative process. So it will be a fun day. Why not join me?

Ruth is a long-time member of BAS, exhibiting in most shows.

You can read more on Ruth’s website Ruth is also on Instagram


This workshop is now FULLY BOOKED

About Natasha

Natasha is an experienced teacher who has been awarded a number of prizes and national and international residencies. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and practice with others.

Her work currently focuses on the atmospheric nature of landscape explored through colour and gesture. Her recent residencies in Tasmania and Italy have been pivotal in developing both techniques and concept in her work. She has a Masters in Painting from the University of New South Wales and her work can be found at GalleryOne88 in Katoomba with a show of new work is scheduled for June 2018.

You can read more on Natasha’s website  Natasha is also on Instagram

More workshops will be announced later in the year.

Please note that no refunds can be made for any cancellation within two weeks of a workshop starting date.