French-born Australian, I started my artistic career as a freelance illustrator in Paris and moved to Sydney in 1995 where I continued working for both advertising and publishing industry.
I am also a children’s book illustrator. My books have been published in Australia, China and South Korea.
However, my work is not restricted to illustration. In 2015, I graduated of the National Art School with a BFA in Printmaking.


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CATHY ABADIE:  Dolly's Day Out	12cmx7cm	Acrylic on Eucalyptus leaf	December 2020
CATHY ABADIE:  There is a Light Somewhere	76cmx170cm	Work on Paper	October 2020
CATHY ABADIE:   	Jessie	57cmx65cm	Aquatint, Chine Collé 	May 2015
CATHY ABADIE:  Children's Book Cover	55cmx30cm	Acrylic	February 2000
CATHY ABADIE:  Drawing study for Children's Book	27cmx42cm	Pencil on paper	March 2019
CATHY ABADIE:  Children's Book Cover	55cmx30cm	Coloured Ink	August 2008