2009 Members Easter Exhibition

Judge: Simon Ambrose

First prize:
French Landscape
Artist: Ross Manwaring

Second prize:
Dreaming of Summer at the Coast
Artist: Ruth Le Cheminant

Highly Commended:
Memory Lane – Auxerre
Artist: Peter Ayres

Highly Commended:
Artist: Tracy Dods

Highly Commended:
Rocky Terrain: Blackheath
Artist: Helen Hudson

Highly Commended:
South Coast Winter
Artist: Kathryn Uther

Grose Valley Study
Artist: Rowan Matthews

Morning on the Turon #2
Artist: Ian Olsen

Black Mountain Series 1
Artist: Wendy Watson 

Artist: Susan Stafford

2009 Open Winter Exhibition

Judge: Mathew Lynn

First prize: untitled
Artist: Stephanie L Tsai
Medium: Mixed Media

Second Prize: Telopea
Artist: Les Love
Medium: Etching

Highly Commended: Lower Forth St – Sydney
Artist: Louis Crompassky
Medium: Pen + ink drawing

Highly Commended: Reflection
Artist: Pamela Hourani
Medium: Acrylic

Highly Commended: in a unicorn’s garden
Artist: Jane Stapleford
Medium: Watercolour

Highly Commended: Eucalypts
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil

Commended: Red Landscape 4
Artist: Peter Burger
Medium: Oil

Commended: Life Drawing
Artist: Clare De Mayo
Medium: Mixed

Commended: Wilderness Walk II
Artist: Carolyn Eadie
Medium: Mixed media

Commended: Broken
Artist: Terina Marsh
Medium: Oil on canvas

Commended: female nude: red chair
Artist: Georgia Schuldt
Medium: Chalk

People’s Choice: contemplation
Artist: Ian McKenzie
Mediuim: Graphite + watercolour

Commended: Tileman dreams of going on a date
Artist: Michael van Langenberg
Medium: Acrylic

2009 Blackheath Art Prize

Judge: Tony Bond

First prize: Twilight: I Ching Therefore I am
Artist: Nadege Lamy
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Second Prize: On A Sea Voyage with Charles Darwin
Artist: Jane Stapleford
Medium: Watercolour and mixed media

Highly Commended: Zebra Finches
Artist: Les Love
Medium: Etching

Highly Commended: Serpents Dance
Artist: Adele Sharman
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Robert
Artist: Pat Skenridge
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Untitled
Artist: Marcela Vilaplana
Medium: Inkjet print

Commended: West of Alice
Artist: Margaret Aalders
Medium: Paste

Commended: Still Life with Seed Pod
Artist: Frances Hayes
Medium: Oil

Commended: Spring
Artist: Christine Townend
Medium: Oil

Commended: Mountain Blue
Artist: Andrew Johnston
Medium: Oil

Commended: Mudgee Valley West
Artist: Rowan Matthews
Medium: Oil on paper

Commended: Embrace (Triptych)
Artist: Wendy Watson
Medium: Photography – 100% Fine Art Print

People’s Choice: Quiet Time: Hartley
Artist: Andrew Johnston
Mediuim: Oil