2010 Members Easter Exhibition

Judge: Warwick Fuller

First Prize: My Place in the Order of the Myrtles
Artist: Susie Dureau

Second Prize: Untitled
Artist: Sherrie Ehrlich

Highly Commended: Mia Reclining
Artist: Bridget Carmady

Highly Commended: Window, Guerin NSW
Artist: Denis Gallagher

Highly Commended: Dark Self Portrait
Artist: Frances Hayes

Highly Commended: Nude
Artist: Granya Schaap

Commended: Black Splinters, Blue Mountains
Artist: Sherrie Ehrlich

Commended: The Pottery Cat
Artist: Frances Hayes

Commended: Family Outing – Bellingen
Artist: Andrew Johnston

People’s Choice: These Trees Sing to Me – Megalong
Artist: Andrew Johnston

2010 Open Winter Exhibition

Judge: David Beschi

First Prize: two figures with red cloth
Artist: Pamela Hourani

Second Prize: Heat Haze Shipley
Artist: Kathryn Uther

Highly Commended: Sanctuary
Artist: Di Clark

Highly Commended: stormy sea
Artist: Chris Holland

Highly Commended: The Gully II, Shipley
Artist: Leonie Lyall

Highly Commended: Just Ask Alice
Artist: Jane Stapleford

Commended: Islands
Artist: Jean Cave

Commended: Kettle and Friends
Artist: Jo Clark

Commended: The Deception
Artist: Pamela Hourani

Commended: Rocks, Centennial Glen
Artist: Ross Manwaring

Commended: Monmartre Meringues
Artist: Sharon Varley

People’s Choice: Drizzle + Drab
Artist: Sherrie Ehrlich

Commended: Collected Works
Artist: Catherine Watkins

2010 Blackheath Art Prize

Judge: Luke Sciberras

First Prize: Mt Frome #2
Artist: Rowen Matthews

Second Prize: from shadow to light
Artist: Leonie Lyall

Highly Commended: Newnes Sandstone
Artist: Meredith Cooper

Highly Commended: Girl Machine
Denis Gallagber

Highly Commended: Tawny Frogmouth
Artist: Les Love

Highly Commended: Lady Godiva
Artist: Terina Marsh

Commended: Above the Valley
Artist: Margaret Aalders

Commended: Five o’clock
Artist: Pamela Hourani

Commended: Old Quarry
Artist: John Marsh

Commended: Tracy Rocks
Artist: Pat Skenridge

Commended: Banksia
Artist: Marion Smart

Commended: Untitled II from series: Lost and Found Bottles
Artist: Marcela Vilaplana

People’s Choice: Into the Jamieson
Artist: Meredith Cooper