2011 Members Easter Exhibition

Judge: Giles Auty

First Prize: Railway Cottage – Rylstone
Artist: Helen Hudson

Second Prize:The Bedroom
Artist: Pamela Hourani

Highly Commended: Woolshed, Kinchega
Artist: Denis Gallagher

Highly Commended: Crossing the Turon
Artist: Barbara Holmes

Highly Commended: The Ancient City- Ghadames, Libya
Artist: Robert Simmonds

Highly Commended: Megalong Summer
Artist: Pat Skenridge

Commended: Portland Afternoon
Artist: Jane Canfield

Commended: Katoomba Icon, Now History
Artist: Lorraine Droga

Commended: Dryridge Estate Megalong
Artist: Marilyn Ecob

Commended: Night Lines
Artist: Ruth le Cheminant

Commended: After the washing
Artist: Ian Mckenzie

People’s choice: Jellybean Pool
Artist: Elizabeth Sayers

Commended: Quiet World
Artist: Maggie Mackenzie

2011 Open Winter Exhibition

Judge: Tony Bond

First Prize: Yosemite Creek, Katoomba
Artist: Meredith Cooper
Medium: Oil on canvas

Second Prize: Wander Along the Fringes VI
Artist: Nadège Lamy
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Highly Commended & People’s Choice: East + West Mean Nothing to Us Here
Artist: Susie Dureau
Medium: Oil on linen

Highly Commended: Window, Lithgow
Artist: Denis Gallagher
Medium: Digital pigment print on museum rag

Highly Commended: Euphoria
Artist: Robert SImmonds
Medium: Photograph

Highly Commended: Scully’s Baby
Artist: Pat Skenridge
Medium: Oil on canvas

Commended: Blind Trust
Artist: Tracy Dods
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Commended: Night Moves
Artist: Carolyn Eadie
Medium: Dry point etching

Commended: The colours move but not the evening clouds
Artist: Jennifer Gabbay
Medium: Oil on board

Commended: The Gorge
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil on canvas

Commended: Neck and Neck
Artist: Barry Smith
Medium: Acrylic

Commended: The Goat Lord
Artist: Ian Van Gemert
Medium: Pencil on paper

2011 Blackheath Art Prize

Judges: Mathew Lynn and Robert Malherbe

First Prize: The Mirror
Artist: Pamela Hourani
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Second Prize: Reflection at Everglades
Artist: Nicola Mason
Medium: Oil on canvas

Highly Commended : Looking over Narrowneck
Artist: Jane Canfield
Medium: Oil on hemp

Highly Commended: Royal Hotel, Hill End
Artist: Bruce Holmes
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Koala
Artist: Les Love
Medium: Etching

Highly Commended: Emptiness 1
Artist: Marcela Vilaplana
Medium: Inkjet print on archival art paper

Commended: Erosions 1
Artist: Natasha Daniloff
Medium: Ink

Commended: Temain’s Flourmill
Artist: Barbara Holmes
Medium: Charcoal

Commended: Escarpment Track II
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil

Commended: Untitled
Artist: Janet Reinhardt
Medium: Charcoal on paper

Commended: Rhododendron Gardens 1
Artist: Jeanne Rudd
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Commended: Rheinauer Hafen
Artist: Mandy Schone-Salter
Medium: Diptych photography

People’s Choice: Wall’s Ledge
Artist: Birgitte Hansen
Medium: Acrylic & oil on canvas