Judge: Jo Ernsten

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First Prize: Ross River Tasmania No 3
Artist: Natasha Daniloff
Medium: Oil

Second Prize: Concrete Flutter
Artist: Thierry Ollivain
Medium: Photography

Highly Commended : Rika Bendler: Yoyogi Park
Artist: Rika Bendler
Medium: Ink

Highly Commended: Valley’s End
Artist: Ray Harrington
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Through the trees
Artist: Ruth le Cheminant
Medium: Acrylic

Commended: St Katherines Dock, London
Artist: Peter Ayres
Medium: Watercolour

Commended: It’s Always Ourself We Find in the Sea
Artist: Jennifer Gabbay
Medium: Oil

Commended: The Lives of Others
Artist: Richard Grammer
Medium: Ink

Commended: Back Road, Hill End
Artist: Bruce Holmes
Medium: Oil

Encouragement award for first time exhibitor: Untitled (Chelsea Grazing)
Artist: Pam Vaughan
Medium: Drypoint

Commended: Swamp (After Klimt)
Artist: Alison Indigo
Medium: Charcoal and pastel

People’s Choice: Poppies in Springtime
Artist: Jennifer Edwards
Medium: Oil


Judge: John Ellison

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First Prize: Cox’s River
Artist: Natasha Daniloff
Medium: Oil

Second Prize: Fiery Sunset& Full Moon Rising – Sublime Point
Artist: Sanja Zemljacenko
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Despair
Artist: Richard Grammer
Medium: Charcoal

Highly Commended: Autumn Evening, Katoomba St 2017
Artist: Linda Hemmings
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Old Signal Box, Bathurst
Artist: Bruce Holmes
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Mountain Journey
Artist: Alison Indigo
Medium: Oil

Commended: Portland II
Artist: Jane Canfield
Medium: Oil & Charcoal

Commended: Sunny Autumn
Artist: Lucy Dawson
Medium: Acrylic

Commended: Through the Trees
Artist: Yvonne de Haan
Medium: Mixed media

Commended and People’s Choice: Energy and Excitement
Artist: Hiren Patel
Medium: Oil

Commended: Near Kata Juta
Artist: Pat Skenridge
Medium: Oil

Commended: Untitled (Donkey and Duck)
Artist: Pam Vaughan
Medium: Mixed media


Judge: Lee-Ann Hall

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First Prize: Bleaching
Artist: Elizabeth Roet
Medium: Oil

Second Prize:  The Clouds Parted, Gangerang Range
Artist: Ian Brown
Medium: Photograph

Highly Commended: Street Scene, Bathurst
Artist: Barbara Holmes
Medium: Oil

Highly Commended: Looking out of the Cabin at Angorchina
Artist: Ruth le Cheminant
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Highly Commended: Fogbound on Mistral, Katoomba
Artist: Gaele Rogers Perazzo
Medium: Pastel

Highly Commended: Ronnie
Artist: Phil Went
Medium: Oil on linen

Commended: Portland House
Artist: Jane Canfield
Medium: Oil on canvas/board

Commended: Blue on Blue
Artist: Kathy Harrington
Medium: Water media

Commended: Hawkesbury Harmony
Artist: Geoff Hayes
Medium: Mixed media

Commended: The Long Walk Home
Artist: Ulla Heckel
Medium: Oil

Commended: Mountain Ash in Mist
Artist: Geoff Smith
Medium: Photograph

Commended: Last Glimpse of the Sunset
Artist: Sanja Zemljacenko Herrrmann
Medium: Oil on canvas

People’s Choice: Off the Mudgee Road
Artist: Leonie Lyall
Medium: Oil
The People’s Choice was shared with Ian Brown, see above.