2019 Members Easter Exhibition

Judge: Victor Peralta

Peter Burger: Bathurst Hills

First Prize: Bathurst Hills
Artist: Peter Burger:
Medium: Acrylic

Stan Stefaniak:  The Arrival

Second Prize: The Arrival
Artist: Stan Stefaniac
Medium: Oil on linen

Helen Hudson:  Dry Pickings - Lightning Ridge

Highly Commended : Dry Pickings – Lightning Ridge
Artist: Helen Hudson
Medium: Acrylic

Joy Myers Creed: Earth Comforts

Highly Commended:Earth Comforts
Artist: Joy Myers Creed
Medium: Solar Etching

Thierry Ollivain:  There There

Highly Commended:There There
Artist: Thierry Ollivain
Medium: Photograph

Phil Went: Portrait of a Girl    Pencil

Highly Commended: Portrait of a Girl
Artist: Phil Went
Medium: Pencil

Paul Gorhan:  Lovell Street

Commended: Lovell Street
Artist: Paul Gorjan
Medium: Oil

Barbara Holmes:  Country Crossing

Commended: Country Crossing
Artist: Barbara Holmes
Medium: Acrylic

Keith Lamport:  The Glade

Commended: The Glade
Artist: Keith Lamport
Medium: Watercolour

Annette Macrae:  Cook Street

Commended: Cook Street
Artist: Annette Macrae
Medium: Oil and acrylic

Christine Stewart: Govett's Leap after Bushfire

Commended: Govett’s Leap after Bushfire
Artist: Christine Stewart
Medium: Oil

Ann Warnes:  Rooftops of St Ives

Commended: Rooftops of St Ives
Artist: Ann Warnes

Sally Gersbach: Lakeside Dreaming

Encouragement award for first time exhibitor: Lakeside Dreaming
Artist: Sally Gersbach
Medium: Mixed media

Ian Brown:  Wind, Garvie Mountains, NZ.  Photograph

People’s Choice: Wind, Garvie Mountains, NZ
Artist: Ian Brown
Medium: Photograph

 2019 Open Winter Exhibition

Judge: Len Metcalf

Thierry Ollivain:  Fool's Gold   Photograph

First Prize: Thierry Ollivain: Fool’s Gold Photograph

Richard Grammer:  Night Chase   Acrylic. Ink

Second Prize: Richard Grammer: Night Chase Acrylic. Ink

Peter Berger:  Landscape   Acrylic

Highly Commended and People’s Choice:  Peter Berger: Landscape   Acrylic

Natasha Daniloff:  Narrow Neck   Oil

Highly Commended:Natasha Daniloff: Narrow Neck   Oil

Maurice Franco:  It's All Over   Acrylic

Highly Commended:Maurice Franco: It’s All Over   Acrylic

Tony Simone:  Misty Individual   Photograph

Highly Commended:Tony Simone: Misty Individual   Photograph

Ulla Heckel:  The Ignorant Storm   Oil

Commended: Ulla Heckel: The Ignorant Storm   Oil

Helen Hudson:  Beauty in the Bushland   Acrylic

Commended: Helen Hudson: Beauty in the Bushland   Acrylic

Sue Ingram:  A Place of Plenty   OIl

Commended:Sue Ingram: A Place of Plenty   OIl

Angelika Sassenberg:  No 2    Ink

Commended: Angelika Sassenberg: No 2 Ink

Elizabeth Sayers: Trees Have the Best Views   Acrylic

Commended: Elizabeth Sayers: Trees Have the Best Views   Acrylic

Christopher Scott: Landscape  Oil

Commended: Christopher Scott: Landscape  Oil

The People’s Choice was won by Peter Burger for Landscape
See above Highly Commended