Rocket St, Bathurst, NSW, 2795


INSTAGRAM: Usha Bachhil


USHA BACHHIL:  Still life with summer fruits 	25cm x 25cm 	oil on canvas 	2021
USHA BACHHIL: Highland coo 2	60cmx91cm	oil on canvas	2020
USHA BACHHIL: Home by nightfall	40cmx50cm	oil on canvas	2021
USHA BACHHIL: Rejuvenate	60cmx91cm	oil on canvas	2021
USHA BACHHIL: Full moon over the Opera House	60cmx91cm	oil on canvas	2021
USHA BACHHIL: Consecaration	96cmx60cm	oil on canvas	2020

My art is a journey from Darkness to Light. Tracing every ray of light with strokes of colour on a black canvas as it comes to life. I pay close attention to detail in the way colour fills up a place or a subject to create a realistic rendition. I paint to capture the fleeting magic of an illuminated space. I find inspiration in wilderness and heritage structures alike often capturing an illuminated perspective which has ruminated and emerged from my creative subconscious. Through my work I want to transpose viewers into the scene and have an emotive experience. To feel what its like to be inside a painting and interact with its characters.