My artwork mainly depicts the natural world, with portraits and life drawing my favourite subjects. I use whatever medium fits my subject, including pastels (my favourite medium), acrylic, oil, and gouache. I have recently rejoined Blackheath Art Society after living in northern NSW for 13 years.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clark.di/

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DI CLARK: Water Dragon	30 x 40	Acrylic	2020
DI CLARK; Sunflowers	20 x 25	Oil	2017
DI CLARK:  Bluegrass Singer	30 x 30	Gouache	2019
DI CLARK: View from the Boardwalk Urunga	30 x 30	Acrylic	2017
DI CLARK: A Cuppa with PC	40 x 29	Pastel	2015
DI CLARK: Julie and the Moon	34 x 30	Acrylic	2015