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I fell in love with oil painting when I was 15. Oil painting visually immortalizes the experiences I’ve been through and reminds me of my strength and the wonder of the world. My inspiration not only comes from the world inside my head, but also from the beauty of my surrounding mountain landscape and mountain wildlife. I use bold colours to display my emotions and feelings and have always been inspired by fauvism. I like to feature elements of movement to display the constant flow of change and the growth of nature.

Rosie Cooney:  Nature’s Consciousness 	60cm x 90cm	Oil on canvas	2014
Rosie Cooney:  View from Sunset Rock 	45cm x 60cm 	Oil on canvas	2023
Rosie Cooney:  Olympian Rock on a Windy Day	25cm x 25cm	Oil on canvas	2021
Rosie Cooney:  Mother Nature Diptych	75cx 100cm	Oil on canvas	2014
Rosie Cooney:  Sunday Afternoon 	60cm x 90cm	Oil on canvas	2022
Rosie Cooney:  My Favourite Mountain Birds Diptych 	60cm x 90cm 	Oil on canvas	2022/23