Compositing image stories with charcoal and pencil with Wendy Tsai

This workshop is now fully booked. This workshop will give participants an opportunity to explore charcoal as a medium, integrating coloured pencil to give vitality to the drawings. These explorations will be developed into blended or collaged images that have personal meaning or narrative. It will be a fun workshop with opportunity to play with the materials and discover individual drawing styles.


This workshop is now fully booked. The workshop is aimed at giving a complete understanding of the methods of traditional Japanese woodblock printing techniques. Members $140. Non-members $180.

Workshop: Keys to painting a great landscape with Robyn Collier

We will be working on one landscape painting using oil paints over the two days. I will cover basic composition, colour mixing, and tonal values. I will show you my technique, which is alla prima (wet-in-wet) or direct painting. We will work by following my demonstration on the same subject matter, drawing on a photograph which I will supply. I will assist you individually where needed and encourage you to paint in your own style. My main aim is to help you paint a better landscape, in a relaxed and enjoyable class.