The Blackheath Art Society holds four annual exhibitions which continue to attract critical acclaim and wide audience appreciation. To enter an exhibition, view recent prizewinners, preview a special exhibition or visit our archives, make a selection from the list below. 

Ruth le Cheminant
Margaret Aalders
Peter Burger
Susie Dureau

EASTER:    Easter Weekend Exhibition (First Prize $500; Second Prize $250)

WINTER:   June Long Weekend Exhibition (First Prize $750; Second Prize $250)

BLACKHEATH ART PRIZE:   October long weekend (Winner $1000; Second Prize $500)

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED  Click HERE for Entry Conditions


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PRIZEWINNERS and ARCHIVES :     View the latest exhibition prizewinners

Links to entry forms will appear when entries are opened for each exhibition.

Please note that essential entry conditions will be listed on the forms. See below for information on D-rings which are required on all works to be hung.

We also encourage members to hold their own self-organised exhibitions. For more information click Special Members Exhibition Protocol.


  1. works must be strung using D-rings (we hang your work from the D-rings), no lower than one-third from the top of the work. Stringing should be coated wire or cord. Please tell your framer these specifications.
  2. any artwork requiring repair, submitted without D-rings, or deemed unsuitable for hanging will be rejected.
  3.  more information on using D-rings can be found at: Using d-rings