ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Gwarzi Dancers Medium: Oil Size: 30 x 50 cms 2012
ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Mermaids Medium: Acrylic Size: 90 x 120 cms 2014
ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Sunflowers Medium: Acrylic Size: 90 x 120 cms 2012
ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Gardenias Medium: Acrylic Size: 90 x 120 cms 2014
ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Windflowers Medium: Acrylic Size: 90 x 120 cms 2013
ELIZABETH BRYDEN: Portrait Medium: Pencil Size: 30 x 40 cms 2015

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I am self taught but have always been interested in art.  My main problem is finding the time. Life gets in the way! Nevertheless, my aim is to create art which is uplifting, beautiful and interesting. I love using colour, interesting faces and quirky subjects. I’ve attended many short workshops over the years to learn the technical skills but for me, experimentation and just doing my own thing seems to achieve the best results. I also love life drawing and attend a life drawing group on a weekly basis. I’ve improved markedly over the past 7 years which is encouraging but still have a way to go.  It just goes to show that practice does make a difference.  In the future with more time, I intend to focus on my art and work towards improving my painting skills, especially in the technical application of oil which I love because of its thick consistency.  However, I find acrylic fits more with my temperament because I have a hard time waiting for oil to dry and tend to overwork. Patience is not one of my virtues. My acrylic flower paintings are good examples of this although I do work on them for weeks using glazes to achieve the depth of colour that I want. Overall, I don’t expect that I will ever be completely satisfied with my work which I suppose is motivation in itself to keep trying.  Lots of things to learn which is exciting and you meet some interesting people along the way.  

CONTACT: ebryden@bigpond.com