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I am a young emerging artist, aiming to make work that is intriguing and captivating for the viewer. I hope to convey feelings of happiness and invoke a sense of curiosity and wonder.
My artwork often portrays an altered reality as I especially enjoy creating artworks that are a tad bizarre. My intent for this is to cause the viewer to look longer and more thoughtfully into my work, creating a stronger connection. Animals and nature are the main focus within my work. I like to combine this with the power of imagination and creativity.
I enjoy making mixed media works, using watercolour or watercolour pencils with acrylic and ink detailing. However, for my more intense, louder pieces I use mainly acrylic. Clean lines and fine details are what I strive for in the main subject of my paintings. Looser brush strokes are reserved for backgrounds to create a unique space between structure and freedom.

Rebekah Burbery:  Funguy moose,  297 x 420 mm., 	acrylic on board,	2018
Rebekah Burbery:  Meerkat Madness,	297 x 420 mm,	watercolour and ink,	2018
Rebekah Burbery:  Animal eye series,	4 - 297 x 420 mm., 	acrylic on paper,	2016
Rebekah Burbery:  Daisy Ladies.	297 x 420 mm,	watercolour and ink,	2017
Rebekah Burbery:  Beast within	505 x 350mm 	acrylic on paper	2016
Rebekah Burbery:  Wacky Animal Series,	4 - 420 x 594 mm,	acrylic on paper,	2017/18