RUTH le CHEMINANT: Drought Country 76cm x 61cm acrylic paint on canvas 2018
RUTH le CHEMINANT: Escarpment at Lincoln's Rock 76cm x 76cm acrylic paint on canvas 2017
RUTH le CHEMINANT: Drought Conditions at Little Kickerbell 101cm x 91cm acrylic paint & charcoal on canvas 2018
RUTH le CHEMINANT: Old Man Banksia 30cm x 23cm pen& acrylic paint on board 2017
RUTH le CHEMINANT Liverpool Plains 91cm x 91cm acrylic paint on canvas 2018
RUTH le CHEMINANT: Tidal 61cm x 51cm acrylic paint & charcoal on canvas 2018

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I live in the upper Blue Mountains. The landscape always in the Blue Mountains remains my inspiration. I regularly return to favourite haunts such as Lincoln’s Rock drawing, spending time at different times of the day and year,  often taking photos for reference. After this process getting to  know the environment more intimately I paint what the place is to me.  It is not at all times a realistic portrayal but my response to the place.  
I have, in the recent past, been fortunate to spend time in the very west of NSW on the Darling River near Wentworth staying on a 400 acre property for 2 x short stays and at Little Kickerbell a property on the Liverpool Plains for 3 weeks taking care of the garden and the dog while the owners were away. Both these locations have been a wonderful source of inspiration and are featured in my recent work.  
I suppose I should say I love colour and the use of gesture and mark making and this is evident in my work.  I try to challenge myself with the use of different size of work and mediums so you’ll find small works on board, pen drawings, larger works in acrylic and palette knife.  It keeps me focussed and allows me to keep disciplined in my craft. The best thing to do is love what you’re doing. I do.

Ruth le Cheminant
February 2018  

CONTACT:  0410 306 621