JOY MYERS CREED: AND THE MAIDEN Medium: Pencil Size: 42cm x 59.5cm 2015
JOY MYERS CREED: NUDE Medium: Charcoal on acrylic Size: 59.5cm x 42cm 2015
JOY MYERS CREED: ENCHANTED Medium: Acrylic and collage Size: 61cm x 76cm 2015
JOY MYERS CREED: TREE OF KNOWLEDGE Medium: Acrylic and collage Size: 61cm x 76cm 2015
JOY MYERS CREED: AMBER Medium: Watercolour Size: 71cm x 52cm 2015
JOY MYERS CREED: FRANCIS Medium: Watercolour Size: 71cm x 52cm 2015

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I facilitate a weekly life drawing group which informs and generates ideas for a lot of my works. From looking at my works you will see I’m not restricted to any medium and enjoy playing the field.
When studying for my B.A.[visual] at Uni. Western Syd. I majored in Printmaking and I now enjoy working with the new environmentally friendly processes.
I am serious about expressing some spiritual quality in my art. My Christian commitment is the most important aspect of my life and motivates and enlivens my art.
For me art making is like a love affair with shapes, colours and beautiful lines, and with the excitement of creating something you’ve never seen before; it can be addictive.
I risk so that I may be astounded. I often fall short, but seem obligated to risk taking in my work so that I may create something far beyond my capacity. I struggle to attempt that which┬áI know I am incapable of without God’s help. I don’t wish to work without His constant intervention.
My interest lies along discovering new ways to show the mystery of God’s influence. This is how I explained my drive to discover new images relevant to me for my Uni. studies. I guess this is a lifetime wonder and pursuit for me.

CONTACT: Phone: 02 4739 2413
web: Nepean Art Society Inc.