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JOY MYERS CREED: Musical Enigma,   Mixed media,    56 x 71cm,   2020
JOY MYERS CREED:  Precious,   Solar plate etching,   21 x 29cm,   2019
JOY MYERS CREED: Goodbye,  Solar plate etching,    21 x 15cm,   2020
JOY MYERS CREED: Microcosm 1,    Acrylic and collage,   72 x 53cm,   2019
JOY MYERS CREED: Relational,   Solar plate,   21 x 29cm,   2019
JOY MYERS CREED: Zephyr,   Acrylic and collage,    83 x 63cm,  2019
JOY MYERS CREED:  Desert Dreaming,   Acrylic and collage,   92 x 92cm,   2019
JOY MYERS CREED:  Comfortable Connections,     Ink and reed,    58 x 76cm,   2017
JOY MYERS CREED:  Shadow of His Wing,   Acrylic and collage,   91 x 91cm,   2019
JOY MYERS CREED:  Rich Quarry,    Acrylic and collage,   54 x 84 cm,  2019

I’m a drawer, printmaker and painter. It’s the Human Condition that I’d like to unpack, allude to or express

in my works. This happens enough to satisfy me. In the meantime while waiting for inspiration I will make

choices and so draw, print or paint whatever is timely for me.

In 1991,early in my art career the 4th solo exhibition I had was entitled “Visions and Choices”. That’s still

where I’m at, waiting for inspiration and making choices from what is available.

I hope you enjoy a few of my visions as well as the choices.

CONTACT: Phone: 0422 088 741
web: Nepean Art Society Inc.