The sky, the light and especially the colours I see in the late afternoon shadows….these are my inspiration. The many ways that forms and details can be either revealed or hidden, the ways that edges can disappear, how air and water capture colours are aspects of landscape that have always fascinated me. My gaze is held and then challenged to capture this fascination onto a surface.
I experiment with many different drawing and painting media but I especially love pushing the creamy butteriness of oil paint around on the canvas.
Being awarded a number of artist residencies including Hill End [ Murray’s cottage], Launceston, Tasmania, The Art Vault in Mildura and La Macina di san Cresci, Italy not only gave me some great opportunities to travel, they also challenged me to observe and record a fascinating range of landscapes and to work en Plein Air with it’s challenges of weather, topography and the fast changing light.
In the studio, creating the larger works, I am back in those landscapes remembering the colours, smells and sounds of the places I have experience. It’s like travelling all over again then sharing these travels with the viewer.



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Natasha Daniloff: The Drip, 56x76 cm mixed media 2015
Natasha Daniloff: Late Light, Macquarie river 25x30 cm, oil 2018
Natasha Daniloff: Escarpment,1 28x37 cm oil stick, ink 2017
Natasha Daniloff: Megalong,1 12x22 cm, oil on board 2017
Natasha Daniloff: Ross, Tasmania, 30x 25 cm, oil 2017
Natasha Daniloff: On The Way to Fort Rock 120x84 cm framed mixed media 2017