I am mostly a self taught artist living in the Blue Mtns. I chose art as my elective in high school. I began learning watercolours in 2007 and have exhibited in Sydney at the contemporary botanical art exhibit “Botanica” at the Lion Gate Lodge in the Royal Botanic Gardens since 2014.
My work is depicted from the actual living specimen and it may take over twelve months to complete one work with the fine detail and scientific accuracy. Occasionally I choose to work a more  ” loose” style, which is not accepted at Botanica.
In November 2017, five of my works were chosen to exhibit at Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens 30th Anniversary Celebrations. My botanical art has also exhibited at Canberra, Melbourne and FLORA [in Sydney at the Gardens].


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Robyn Fenning: Waratah 50 x 32 watercolour 2015
Robyn Fenning: Pink Rose 36 x 54 watercolour 2017
Robyn Fenning: Grevillea 28 x 40 watercolour 2015
Robyn Fenning: Magnolia 30 x 44 watercolour 2016
Robyn Fenning: King Parrot on Urn with Eucalyptus branch 70 x 42 watercolour 2017
Robyn Fenning: Summer Red Eucalyptus 25 x 35 watercolour 2013