June has always had an interest in pattern in nature and in ancient artefacts and her hand stitched artworks reflect that interest.
Following another interest in old embroideries June uses fragments to create new works giving new meaning to these fading textiles.
June’s designs often have several layers of meaning, some obvious to the viewer and others that are revealed after considered thought.


Exhibitions recently have included “Fragments of Work” and “Treasures from a Grandmother” in Queensland and previously “Relative Values” and  a Retrospective Exhibition in Lismore and a participant in group exhibitions in NSW over many years.
June has been teaching Gold Embroidery at TAFTA Forums, Embroiderers’ Guilds and private groups for over twenty years throughout Australia.
Work included in Masterworks – Decorative and Functional Art – Sally Milner Publications 2000.

CONTACT: Phone: 0247877491 Email: junefiford@hotmail.com


JUNE FIFORD: Hilda’s Doily II Embroidery
JUNE FIFORD: Wandering Gold Embroidery
JUNE FIFORD: Damascened Gold Embroidery
JUNE FIFORD: Eighteen samples Mixed media
JUNE FIFORD: From France to Eltham Embroidery
JUNE FIFORD: Pattern in Gold, Embroidery