I was born in Canberra but grew up in my heartland, Tasmania. The Blue Mountains is pretty close to my heart though and will do me. I have lived and worked in virtually every Australian State. I am a self-taught painter (can you tell?), finishing my first painting in September of 2008. Let’s just say it got me through a divorce.

However, I was a freelance cartoonist and illustrator for 15 years prior to this, with work published in many magazines and journals including The Bulletin, Australasian Post and The West Australian newspaper. I have also written and illustrated two children’s picture books with Fremantle Arts Centre Press.

Apart from cartooning, I have worked at many things including panel beater, barman, steel worker, soldier, postman, emergency service professional, landcarer, trainer and oil rig worker. I currently work in South Korea but call Mount Victoria home. I guess you could say my images come from a varied life with all its ups and downs.

I have a deep love of the Australian landscape in its may forms and variations, a lot of which I have walked, flown, driven and crawled over. It gets my pulse going.

I am colour blind, red/green in fact. I rarely use anything apart from acrylics and will mix large batches of the same colour so that I do not run out of that colour half way through a painting…not good. However, this “disability” has led to what I would call an unusual use of paint and other materials resulting in something resembling art.

I never studied art, artists or art technique but over the past few years have “discovered” Basquiat, Whiteley, Fred Williams and a few other amazing artists. Why did I begin so late?!!! I find creating things such an amazing experience, and finding an image in something I see or find has become a bit of a head spin, but a good one.

Creating for me is a therapy and an outlet; once the creating is done, the process is complete, the end product is not important personally. I probably won’t sell many things, but that is not the point. When I have exhibited, it is because I wanted a piece to say something, or make a connection with others. Does it work? I do not know.

I have only lived here in the Blue Mountains for a few years, in an old rambling house with lots of out-building, but it is a joy to come back to, even with snow on the ground and a chill in the air. My village of Mount Victoria is beautiful and full of characters; I think I have found my heartland again.

I create under the name “Amos”, my Grandfather’s name…it’s a long story…

CONTACT: Phone 0458237772

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KIM GRACE: Dark Side of the Sun 65cm Acrylic paints, chalk, ink on 2 rusty 44 gallon drum lids
KIM GRACE: Sails 90 x 40cm Acrylic, ink, pastel on stretched canvas
KIM GRACE: Wall 123 x 43 cm Acrylic & ink on stretched canvas
KIM GRACE: Broken Pier 100 x 60cm Piece of old door on discarded wooden sreen printing screen
KIM GRACE: Markets Medium: Acrylic, ink, charcoal 92 x 45cm
KIM GRACE: The Shearer 200 x 70cm Acrylics on corrugated iron, crushed old metal bucket, sheep fleece, timber and wire