Colour and texture are at the heart of my art. I love exploring and working in all mediums to develop my practice. Am particularly inspired by the abundance of natural resources that surround my bush studio.   

CONTACT: Phone: 0420 930 126


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GILLIAN HAND: MISTY MOUNTAINS Medium: Acrylic painting with oil glaze Size: 78cm x 78cm 2014
GILLIAN HAND: FLURRY Medium: Acrylic painting Size: 50cm x 50cm 2014
GILLIAN HAND: BANKSIAS Medium: Acrylic painting Size: 30cm x 30cm 2013
GILLIAN HAND: MOUNTAINS Medium: Acrylic painting Size: 79cm x 69cm 2010
GILLIAN HAND: DISTANCE Medium: Acrylic Size: 44cm x 54cm 2014
GILLIAN HAND: ETHEREA Medium: Acrylic painting Size: 56cm x 74cm 2013
Gillian Hand: Fields 50x70 Acrylic painting 2018
Gillian Hand: Through the garden gate 45x65 Acrylic painting 2016
Gillian Hand: Forest floor 45x65 Acrylic painting 2017
Gillian Hand: Bush walk 30x40 Acrylic painting 2017
Gillian Hand: The Ocean of Bright ideas 55x75 Acrylic painting 2017
Gillian Hand: High Rise 50x70 Acrylic painting 2017