French-born I immigrated to Australia in 1981 and currently I live in the Blue Mountains. In Normandy I attended l’École des Beaux-Arts, while in Paris worked as a freelance photographer and audio-visual designer primarily on Formula One racing circuits.
Early years in Sydney I ran my hand-printed T-shirt business, selling to markets and for a short while worked as a graphic designer at the Botanical Gardens.
In 1994 I graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (UWS Nepean) and has had since then nine solo exhibitions and numerous group shows and finalist in numerous art prizes.

Lately I have incorporated the encaustic medium into my painting and sculpture practices. The word encaustic is from the Greek enkaustikos, meaning to burn in. The earliest wax artworks on record are the 2,000-year-old Fayum funeral portraits of Greco-Roman Egypt times, still in great condition today.
” I make my own encaustic paint with a combination of beeswax, castor wax and pigment. The paint is melted, applied on birch wood and fused with heat gun or tacking iron. Encaustic medium might be the most durable medium we have: it does not crack, flake or fade, beeswax is mildew and fungus resistant, bees and insects find it unappetising.
Since the 1950s starting in America encaustic painting has had a revival by artists like Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Diego Rivera. In contemporary practices the medium has a renaissance as a creative, textural and non-toxic alternative”.

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OceanEarth I 41x41x7cm Encaustic on plywood 2016
OceanEarth II 41x41x3cm Encaustic on plywood 2016
OceanEarth III 94x64cm Encaustic on birchwood 2016
Rainforest of the sea. Size variable. Encaustic 2016
Back then our seas were an empty universe 21x14x3cm Encaustic on plywood 2016
ForestAir - united we stand divided we fall 30x30cm Encaustic on plywood 2016