I have always lived in the mountains and have a deep love for the bush. It is a place that continually inspires me. I sculpted my first wooden bowl in 1982 but only picked up the brush a few years ago and entered into the world of painting and drawing. I have had 2 exhibitions in 2012 in my workshop at home. I hope you enjoy my work.

CONTACT: Phone: 0402 849 009
email: carolineanddirk@gmail.com

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DIRK ROMEYN: Autumn Leaf Medium: Oil pastel Size: 41cm x 31cm 2012
DIRK ROMEYN: Mountain Devil Medium: Pencil Size: 41cm x 31cm 2012
DIRK ROMEYN: Scribbly Gum with Sun Orchid Medium: Acrylic Size: 82cm x 62cm 2012
DIRK ROMEYN: Mist Medium: Acrylic Size: 82cm x 99cm 2011
DIRK ROMEYN: Ghost of Rex Medium: Acrylic Size: 74.5cm x 52cm 2010
DIRK ROMEYN: Leaves Medium: Acrylic Size: 62cm x 82cm 201