Blue Mountains artist, Stan is a Fellow and secretary of the Australian Society of Marine Artists and member of the Blackheath Art Society.  Having studied art under Ross Davis in Sydney, Stan explores the boundaries between abstract expressionism and representational art. He expressively uses colour in his maritime paintings and inspired scenes of his natural Blue Mountains environment to engage the viewer, elicit an emotion and to convey a story.

CONTACT: Phone: 0406 611 752


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STAN STEFANIAK: Floral arrangement Medium: Watercolour Size: 35cm x 45 cm 1977
 STAN STEFANIAK: Spring Garden Blue Mountains Medium: Oil on linen Size: 36cm x 46 cm 2015
STAN STEFANIAK: Where Time Stands Still Medium: Oil on linen Size: 24cm x 15 cm 2015
STAN STEFANIAK: Eye of the Wind Medium: Oil on gesso board Size: 32cm x 45 cm 2013
STAN STEFANIAK: Titanic Departure from Southampton Medium: Oil on linen Size: 44cm x 65 cm 2012
STAN STEFANIAK: On the Edge Medium: Oil on linen Size: 41cm x 26 cm 2015