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My main influences are contemporary Australian artists with an interest in landscape like Mandy Martin, Julie Harris,Judy Watson, Elizabeth Cummings and Angus Nivison, plus the iconic John Olsen and Fred Williams. These artists range from those working in a more realistic style, to those who favour abstraction. I am also influenced by artists like Gerhard Richter, who works across abstraction and figuration and the powerful use of colour in the work of Mark Rothko and Anne Judell. My inspiration in starting a work can be as varied as a landscape I have experienced, a blurred photograph or concept.


VANESSA WHITTINGTON: Freycinet coast 102w X 76h oil on linen 2017
VANESSA WHITTINGTON: Daintree 120w X 90h oil on canvas 2018
VANESSA WHITTINGTON: Noon light, Burrunggui, Kakadu 102w X 76h oil on canvas 2017
VANESSA WHITTINGTON: The Saffron Coast (detail) 122w X 92h oil on linen 2018
VANESSA WHITTINGTON: Night embers 91w X 123h mixed media on canvas 2017
VANESSA WHITTINGTON: Dawn on the Yellow Water 51w X 41h oil on linen board 2017