Inna Hawkins


I have been drawing on and off for most of my life, as something to pass the time… but never took it seriously until I picked up watercolours last year… I am very much learning. I love painting portraits, but push myself into other avenues and mediums for growth…

Being a professional artist is something I never thought I could do, but I am changing my mind on that now and taking baby steps towards it…

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Inna Hawkins:  Portrait with florals	20x25	watercolour on paper, fineliner	23.01.2022
Inna Hawkins:  Dave and the mushroom	5x4.5	watercolour on paper, fineliner	13.01.2022
Inna Hawkins:  The news 	15x25	watercolour on paper, fineliner	23.11.2021
Inna Hawkins:  Protea flower 	13x15	colour pencils	9.04.2021
Inna Hawkins:  The mood	15x20	watercolour on paper, fineliner	8.09.2021
Inna Hawkins:  The fish	13x11	fineliner, Photoshop for background and geometrics	29.01.2022