I am an artist that delights in the changing face of nature and have been working in various mediums for over 30 years. Originally from Sydney, I moved up to Blackheath 9 yrs ago which has brought me closer to the natural world which I love. I’ve had the opportunity to visit many remote communities within the Central Tablelands and am constant inspired by their simplicity and beauty. As a child, my family travelled extensively through the Australian Outback and i believe that experience in my younger years has helped me become the artist that I am today.


Karen Henderson: Grevillea (unframed)	300cm x 420cm	Pen & Ink Wash	2018
Karen Henderson: Old Homestead, Mid Hartley NSW	560cm x 440cm	Watercolour Pencil & Pen work	2018
Karen Henderson: Kata Tjuta (The Olgas)	700cm x 530cm	Watercolour & Mixed Media	2015
Karen Henderson: 3 Owls	33.5cm x 43.5cm	Watercolour Pencil & Pen work	2018
Karen Henderson: Back of Beyond	500cm x 545cm	Pastel work	2014
Karen Henderson: Beneath the Sea	540cm x 730cm	Watercolour	2015