email: khope50@gmail.com

PO Box 296 Blackheath 2785

phone: 0413650825

Instagram: kathryn_june_hope artist

Kathryn has been painting professionally for over 50 years, with her interest in the natural world reflected in her subject matter.
She works in acrylic, painting large, contemporary landscapes as well as wax encaustic, which she combines with oil paint in an excitingly innovative way. Utilizing textured surfaces which she indents into the warm hard wax, she then rubs colour into the resultant marks, creating subtle yet distinctive effects. Kathryn’s paintings can be viewed on Instagram and the public can also visit her studio and gallery in Blackheath.



Kathryn Hope:  Sailing.  70 x90	Acrylic	2021
Kathryn Hope:  Flame Trees. 60 x 70	Acrylic	2022
Kathryn Hope: Evening Light  60cm x 80cm
Kathryn Hope:  High Summer - Country Victoria,  60cm x 80cm
Kathryn Hope:  Hill and River. 80 x 100	Wax and Oil	2019
Kathryn Hope: Early Morning Flinders.  wax and oil, 80 x 100 cm
Kathryn Hope: Summer Day. 60 x 80	Acrylic	2022
Kathryn Hope:  Storm Approaching. 80 x 100	Wax and Oil	2021
Kathryn Hope:  Autumn. 60 x 90	Acrylic	2022
Kathryn Hope:  Bald Hill. 70 x 90	Acrylic	2021
Kathryn Hope: Sunlit Hill. 60x80 cm Wax and oil 2021
Kathryn Hope: View to the Horizon. 80 x100	Wax and Oil	2022