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Winner: Robert Linigen

Judge: Ron Fitzpatrick

Mayor Mark Greenhill awarded the prizes

President Brian Bright and Exhibition Coordinator Nina Lipscombe

Highly Commended: Mark Davis
Highly Commended: Nina Lipscombe
Commended: James Hancock
Highly Commended: Jan Riley
Commended: Dirk Romeyn

First Prize: Yellow Rock

Artist: Robert Linigen

Medium: Ceramic

Artist’s Comment:  Yellow Rock 1996-2015

We moved to Yellow Rock in the Blue Mountains in 1996. Our home was one of the ones destroyed in the 2013 bushfires.

Originally hoping to reuse at least some of the stone and masonry in a new home, I worked on the demolition. There wasn’t really much left suitable for building, but I realised there was enough material that I could salvage and use to make glaze for a few new pots.

The glazes on the cups here include these salvaged materials, one cup for every year we lived at Yellow Rock.

Wood ash form the timber ceiling, quartz from the sandstone walls, melted glass from windows, wine bottles and even my camera lenses were collected, ground and blended to make various glazes. Copper from the electrical wiring gave colours from green to a vivid red, and iron oxide collected from my rusted tools gave a range of colours from soft blue to honey.

We eventually decided not to rebuild there and sold the land in 2015. We’ve recently bought a new home and studio in Leura.

Robert Linigen

Second Prize: Cocoons

Artist: Mandy McCalister

Medium: Fibre



Highly Commended : Nesting

Artist: Mark Davis

Medium: Steel and stainless steel



Highly Commended: In the Secret Garden

Artist: Nina Lipscombe

Medium: Wire, wood and ceramic


Highly Commended: Melody

Artist: Christina McCormack

Medium: Ceramic and paper


Commended: Handbuilt Stoneware

Artist: Phillip Chaffey

Medium: Handbuilt ceramic


Commended:  Rock Pools

Artist:James Hancock

Medium: Mixed media


Commended : Chaturanga

Artist: Jan Riley

Medium: Ceramic


Commended and People’s Choice:  Parrot Bowl

Artist: Dirk Romeyn

Medium: Wood


Commended: Red Gum Bowl
Artist: Dirk Romeyn
Medium: Wood


Commended:  Hoyster

Artist: Peter Shoemark

Medium: Found art