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Prizewinners presentation

Maggie McKenzie and Libby Sayers
DIANA DWYER: Lockdown.  Pastel

First Prize: Lockdown

Artist: Diana Dwyer

Medium:  Pastel

Judge’s comments: 

A beautifully rendered work, I was continually drawn back to this piece.  It is very much of the moment.  The vulnerability we all felt during lockdown is portrayed through the emptiness of the composition through the body language and exposure of the half-dressed musician slumped and drained of energy.  Musicians have seriously suffered during COVID and we wonder with her about her future.





MAGGIE McKENZIE: Little triangle and friends, Collage/mixed media

Second Prize:  Little Triangle and Friends

Artist: Maggie McKenzie

Medium: Collage/Mixed media

Judge’s comments: 

A well executed and thoughtful painting, it entertains and moves the eye around the canvas through the use of coloured shapes and playful motifs. A very satisfying piece.  





JO CHIPPERFIELD:  17.5 kms from Stuart Town. Photograph

Highly Commended: 17.5 kms from Stuart Town

Artist: Jo Chipperfield

Medium: Photography

Judge’s comments:

The composition and fall of the light create a very strong, compelling image.




CHRISTINE HYDE: Crimson Embers  Mixed media

Highly Commended: Crimson Embers

Artist:  Christine Hyde

Medium:  Mixed media

Judge’s comments: 

A strong composition with very effective colour and tonal work. The artist has very good control over a difficult medium and has produced a wonderful strong free piece.


JAN MELVILLE: Artefacts.  Eco dyed paper MM drypoint

Highly Commended:  Artefacts

Artist:  Jan Melville

Medium: Eco dyed paper MM drypoint

Judge’s comments: 

A beautiful piece using the artist’s obvious skill with her chosen medium. All the disparate parts relate to one another individually as well as to the piece as a whole.




LUCINDA STRAUSS:  Reconciliation.  Acrylic on canvas

Highly Commended:  Reconciliation

Artist: Lucinda Strauss

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

A very strong work which has lots of energy and is well executed.


BRUCE DINGWALL:  Old Mates.  Watercolour

Commended: Old Mates

Artist:  Bruce Dingwall

Medium:  Watercolour

Judges’ comments: 

A very lively work.  The men and the dog draw you in. You could just sit down and have a chat with them and while away an afternoon.


PAUL GORJAN:  A View of Katoomba Railway Station.  Oil on canvas

Commended:  A View of Katoomba Railway Station

Artist:  Paul Gorgan

Medium: Oil on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

I love the very strong structure in the front which gives strength to the layering.


RICHARD GRAMMER:  Hello.  Mixed media

Commended: Hello

Artist:  Richard Grammer

Medium:  Mixed media

Judges’ comments: 

The strength of the woman draws you in. She’s keeping an eye out.



KEITH LAMPORT:   'Our Ash'.  Watercolour

Commended: ‘Our Ash’

Artist:  Keith Lamport

Medium:  Watercolour

Judges’ comments: 

A whimsical little piece that makes you smile.



JOHN MARSH:  Quiet Morning.  Acrylic

Commended: Quiet Morning

Artist:  John Marsh

Medium:  Acrylic

Judges’ comments: 

Moody with strong shapes. Atmospheric.



PHIL WENT: Quiet Passion. Oil on wood

Commended: Quiet Passion

Artist:  Phil Went

Medium:  Oil on wood

Judges’ comments: 

An attractive and tonally satisfying little still life. You could share the passionfruit with someone.



KATHRYN HOPE:  Blue Hill. Acrylic

People’s Choice:  Blue Hill

Artist:  Kathryn Hope

Medium:  Acrylic