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Judge Neil Taylor

Judge Neil Taylor

Paul Gorjan: A View of Katoomba, Oil on canvas
Paul Gorjan and judge

1st Prize:  A View of Katoomba
Artist: Paul Gorjan
Medium:  Oil on canvas

Julie Scifo: Heading down to Ktown, Acrylic on canvas
Julie Scifo and judge

2nd Prize:  Heading down to Ktown
Artist: Julie Scifo
Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Denis Gallagher and judge

Highly Commended:  Leafy
Artist:  Denis Gallagher
Medium:  Photograph

Kathryn Hope: Hill with Ginko leaves. Wax and oil
Kathryn Hope and judge

Highly Commended: Hill with Ginko leaves
Artist: Kathryn Hope
Medium:  Wax and oil

Maggie Mackenzie: Abstract Landscape, Mixed media collag
Maggie Mackenzie and judge

Highly Commended: Abstract Landscape
Artist: Maggie Mackenzie
Medium: Mixed media collage

Owen Thompson: Life Forces, Watercolour
Owen Thompson and judge

Highly Commended:  Life Forces
Artist:  Owen Thompson
Medium:  Watercolour

Jo Bovingdon: Folding Landscape, Watercolour

Commended:  Folding Landscape
Artist:  Jo Bovingdon
Medium:  Watercolour

Ruth Dengate: Carcor River, Oils
Ruth Dengate and judge

Commended:  Carcor River
Artist: Ruth Dengate
Medium:  Oils

Bethany Macdonald-Tucker: From the Lookout, Acrylic on canvas
Bethany Macdonald-Tucker and judge

Commended:  From the Lookout
Artist:  Bethany Macdonald-Tucker
Medium:  Acrylic on canvas

Lisa Taylor: Looking Up, Soft pastel
Lisa Taylor and judge

Commended:  Looking Up
Artist: Lisa Taylor
Medium:  Soft pastel

Ann Warnes: Plein Air Mt Wilson, Acrylic

Commended:  Plein Air Mt Wilson
Artist:  Ann Warnes
Medium:  Acrylic

Sue McNiven: Colour Splash,  Watercolour

PEOPLE’S CHOICE:  Colour Splash
Artist: Sue McNiven
Medium: Watercolour