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Winner: Peter Burger

Judge: Victor  Peralta

Gallery one88 Katoomba

President:  Adele Bruens

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Prizegiving photographer: Denis Gallagher

Peter Burger:  Bathurst Hills    Acrylic

First Prize: Bathurst Hills

Artist: Peter Burger

Medium: Acrylic

Judge’s comments:

A stand out example of an Australian landscape painting. With bold confidence displayed in its application and brush work. The palette harking back to paintings by Arthur Streeton’s stark colours and lighting, I found this painting exceptional.


Stan Stefaniak:  The Arrival    Oil on linen

Second Prize:  The Arrival

Artist:  Stan Stefaniak

Medium:  Oil on linen

Judge’s comments:

With eye catching vibrancy this painting draws in the viewer with it’s compositional choice. Masterfully executed this maritime painting is full of detail and accuracy and leaves the viewer imaging the impending drama of the days work ahead for the tug boat and container ship captains.


Helen Hudson:  Dry Pickings - Lightning Ridge   Acrylic

Highly Commended : Dry Pickings – Lightning Ridge

Artist:  Helen Hudson

Medium:  Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

A wonderful landscape painting capturing the iconic red earth of the Australian outback typical of the Lightning Ridge area.

Joy Myers Creed:   Earth Comforts    Solar etching

Highly Commended:  Earth Comforts  

Artist:  Joy Myers Creed

Medium:  Solar etching

Judge’s comments: 

A well captured study of a life drawing set with strong execution and capture of foreshortening showing strong draftsmanship and skill


Thierry Ollivain:  There There    Photograph

Highly Commended:   There There

Artist:  Thierry Ollivain

Medium:  Photograph

Judge’s comments:  

An intriguing photograph with multiple perspectives and views. The complexity of the reflections leave the viewer captured in perpetual cycle of trying to understand the image. A wonderfully complex photo.

Phil Went:  Portrait of a Girl   Pencil

Highly Commended: Portrait of a Girl

Artist:  Phil Went

Medium:  Pencil

Judge’s comments:  

A beautiful rendition of a mystery girl in a traditional styled portrait. The clever use of bare linen left unpainted gives this portrait study a wonderful simplicity and ease of viewing.


Paul Gorjan:  Lovell Street   Oil

Commended:  Lovell Street

Artist:  Paul Gorgan

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

Such a beautiful little painting cleverly using perspective and composition with a muted palette.


Barbara Holmes:  Country Crossing   Acrylic

Commended:  Country Crossing

Artist:  Barbara Holmes

Medium:  Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

Inspirational and colourful rendition of a rail over pass. With wonderfully lose brush strokes giving this painting an impressionist feel reminiscent of early French impressionists.


Keith Lamport:  The Glade   Watercolour

Commended: The Glade

Artist:  Keith Lamport

Medium:  Watercolour

Judge’s comments: 

A wonderful dark and moody watercolour painting which takes the viewer into the distant light and what may be new beginnings.


Annette Macrae:  Cook Street   Oil and acrylic

Commended:  Cook Street

Artist:  Annette Macrae

Medium:  Oil and acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

Technically excellent capture of an architectural rendition of a 20s style bungalow. With clever use of the entire canvas area whilst maintaining the viewers focus and intrigue through a single open window.


Christine Stewart:  Govett's Leap after Bushfire  Oil

Commended: Govett’s Leap after Bushfire

Artist:  Christine Stewart:

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A moody capture of a Blue Mountains escarpment complete with moody skies.


Ann Warnes:  Rooftops of St. Ives   Oil

Commended: Rooftops of St. Ives

Artist: Ann Warnes:

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

Wonderful painting which takes the viewer into every corner of the painting. With a lovely soft palette this scene could be any streetscape in Europe as well as Sydney.


Sally Gersbach:  Lakeside Dreaming   Mixed media

Encouragement Award: Lakeside Dreaming
Artist: Sally Gersbach:

Medium: Mixed media
Judge’s comments: With a wonderful whimsical delicacy this painting of a lake side vista is interestingly executed. A mixture of technics and mediums this painting suits the porthole style composition and view drawing the vista into the painting.

Ian Brown:  Wind, Garvie Mountains, NZ.  Photograph

The People’s Choice:  Wind, Garvie Mountains, NZ.
Artist:  Ian Brown
Medium:  Photograph