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Prizewinners presentation

James Hancock and judge
Mary Muss and judge
Joy Myers Creed and judge
Ward O'Neill Susan Roxon and judge
Raymond Berry
Bruce Dingwall
Paul Gorjan
Lee Niass
Liz Connor
JAMES HANCOCK: Reflections, Kedumba River,  Oil

First Prize: Reflections, Kedumba RIver

Artist: James Hancock

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A beautiful and consummate oil painting, direct, full of a wide variety of brave dynamic passages and touches that come together in a beautiful harmony. Not prettified but focussing on direct experience and expression. A work as much about painting itself, and painting for its own sake.





MARY MUSS: Oak Leaves and Acorns,  oil

Second Prize:  Oak Leaves and Acorns

Artist: Mary Muss

Medium: Oil

Judge’s comments: 

A very unassuming still-life painting tucked away in a corner, full of wonderful skill and the realising of painted passages as a unity. Not over done, with just enough looseness to give the objects a subtle vibration.





JOY MYERS CREED:  Musical Enigma    Mixed media

Highly Commended: Musical enigma

Artist: Joy Myers Creed

Medium: Mixed media

Judge’s comments:

A very speculative and successful contemporary mixed-media work with interesting dynamics of surface texture and colour with embedded print motif. Successfully achieves an unusual mood through this contemporary exploration.





SUSAN ROXON: The First Friarbirds of the Day, Eva Valley NT.  Pastels

Highly Commended:  The First Friarbirds of the Day, Eva Valley NT

Artist:  Susan Roxon

Medium:  Pastels

Judge’s comments: 

Struck by this beautiful pastel experience straight away, never loses sight of articulating a beautiful complex atmosphere, with wonderful touches of colour. The whole is much more than the sum of the parts, a very important thing to remember for us!



RAYMOND BERRY:  The Hilda.  Acrylic

Commended:  The Hilda

Artist:  Rayamond Berry

Medium: Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

The Hilda – a beautiful joyful example of just making a painting no matter what the subject matter. Striking, almost naive design sense and strength of colours and shapes in their own right telling their own story.






BRUCE DINGWALL:  Glenroy, Coxs RIver.  Watercolour

Commended:  Glenroy, Coxs River

Artist: Bruce Dingwall

Medium: Watercolour

Judge’s comments: 

Very skilful and powerful watercolour which never gets overtaken by rigidity or sentimentality. Beautiful dynamics and range of marks, passages and colours, and freeness.





PAUL GORJAN: Wilson St. Katoomba.  Oil on canvas

Commended: Wilson St. Katoomba

Artist:  Paul Gorjan

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Judges’ comments: 

Beautiful small and restrained painting, quietly powerful, restricted colours, beautiful composition sense, and harmoniously painted as a complete picture.




LEE NIASS:  Nothing to say and that's ok.  Watercolour

Commended:  Nothing to say and that’s ok

Artist:  Lee Niass

Medium: Watercolour

Judge’s comments: 

Simple, direct, unassuming, like an afterthought that suddenly hits you cutting through everything. This beautiful little face and composition seems like only half an idea but sometimes this is just enough!






LIZ CONNOR:  The Fez.  Pastel

Commended: The Fez

Artist:  Liz Connnor

Medium:  Pastel

Judges’ comments: 

Undeniable pastel/Conte skills should always be celebrated!



BEN NELSON: Lou.  Acrylic on board.

People’s Choice:  Lou

Artist:  Ben Nelson

Medium:  Acrylic on board