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Winners 2019 Open Winter Exhibition

Winner:  Paul Gorjan

Judge:  Vince Day

Prize donor: Councillor Don McGregor

BAS President: Adele Bruens

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Our judge, Vince Day from DAY FINE ART, Blackheath, was unable to attend the prizegiving but sent along these comments:


I am very sorry that I cannot make it to this ceremony, in my eagerness to contribute to the event, I double booked myself 

I would like to say that I feel incredibly privileged to be invited to judge this annual art prize. Thank you so much. Blackheath has an amazing community of artists and many are represented here. 

The judging was tricky, there is so much talent in this room that it was quite overwhelming.

I have to emphasize that my final choices were based on several parameters: (not in any order of importance) but predominantly my emotional response to the artworks.

The technical side of creation

The character of the artwork

The narrative within the artwork

My emotion response to the artwork (Visual impact, colour scheme, composition etc) 

Everyone who took the time to create and exhibit in this prize deserves a commendation for their passion in the arts.  

Please congratulate yourselves, because together, you have done an incredible job of representing Blackheath culture. This is something for all to celebrate.



Paul Gorjan:  Bunya Bunya Trees at Katoomba. Oil

First Prize:  Bunya Bunya Trees at Katoomba

Artist: Paul Gorjan

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments:

For a distinct colour palette and character of painting. This contemporary well balanced small painting of Katoomba seems to refer to the past as much as it does the present. The 20th Century Plein air masters such as Percy Lindsay come to mind when viewing this. A beautiful contemporary landscape.




Maurice Franco:  Through the Mallee.  Acrylic

Second Prize:  Through the Mallee

Artist:  Maurice Francor

Medium: Acrylic

Judge’s comments:

For presence, colour and a unique character. The composition scale of this painting reverberates energy. It makes me feel bright.





Jane Canfield:  West Hobart.  Oil and pastel.

Highly Commended:  West Hobart.

Artist: Jane Canfield

Medium: Oil and pastel.

Judge’s comments: 

This tonal piece is well balanced, soothing to view.



Julie Hansen:  Eucalyptus. Ink on Yupo Paper

Highly Commended:  Eucalyptus

Artist:  Julie Hansen

Medium:  Ink on Yupo Paper

Judge’s comments: 

For colour and abstract beauty, a work that is hard to look away from.




Julie Paterson:  Regent Honeyeater.  Scraperboard

Highly Commended:  Regent Honeyeater

Artist: Julie Paterson

Medium:  Scraperboard

Judge’s comments:  

Full of character, a charming painting? Or print? Scratched out? Quite unique.




Vanessa Whittington: Of Earth and Sky 1.  Mixed media

Highly Commended:  Of earth and Sky 1

Artist: Vanessa Whittington

Medium:  Mixed media

Judge’s comments:  

A well balanced and energetic watercolour.





Sally Brezzo:  Family.  Charcoal

Commended:   Family

Artist:  Sally Brezzo

Medium: Charcoal

Judge’s comments: 

The ability to capture a fleeting moment is one of the greatest talents of an artist. What is the dog thinking?




Sue Colburt:  Owl Portrait. Graphite

Commended:  Owl Protrait

Artist: Sue Colburt

Medium: Graphite

Judge’s comments: 

A technically proficient drawing, appeals to my love of animals and wildlife.




Barbara Holmes: Rotunda, Sydney Harbour.  Oil

Commended: Rotunda, Sydney Harbour

Artist:  Barbara Holmes

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

The illusion of impressionism is in the mark making. This painting has it.



Thierry Ollivain:  Happy Wanderer.  Photograph

Commended: Happy Wanderer

Artist:  Thierry Ollivain

Medium: Cyanotype

Judge’s comments: 

A well-structured composition, completely confused me regarding the medium. Beautiful to look at.





Adele Sharman:  Displacement.  Oil

Commended: Displacement

Artist:  Adele Sharman

Medium:  Oil

Judge’s comments: 

The possible narrative here gets me. It reminds me of an exodus. With the world in a period of instability, it is up to us to consider the next moves. 



Liz Smith: Regain.  Unique state print.

Commended:  Regain

Artist: Liz Smith

Medium: Unique state print.

Judge’s comments: 

Reminiscent of the printmaking movement of the early to mid 20th century. Yet contemporary. A piece filled with its own character. 


Basia Nowacki: Snow Gum 1.  Ink on Yuko paper

People’s Choice:  Snow Gum 1

Artist: Basia Nowacki

Medium: Ink on Yuko paper