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Winner Kathryn Hope

Judges Robin Martin and Lindena Robb

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Kathryn Hope: Hill & River

First Prize: Hill & River

Artist: Kathryn Hope

Medium:  wax, oil

Judges’ comments: 

This exceptional artwork stood out as a unique visual feast. Not only is this technique rarely seen, it is masterfully done. It invited an emotional response due to the depth, texture and colour, as well as evoking stories about the landscape and water. Within all that, Kathryn was shown her skill in using regular shapes to create an irregular image, which is not an easy task.




Paul Gorjan:  At the Market place

Second Prize:  At the Marketplace

Artist: Paul Gorjan

Medium: Oil on canvas

Judges’ comments: 

Paul’s small artwork called to me with a lightness and busyness that said “this artist knows what he’s doing.”  He’s thick luscious use of oil paint was immediately appealing, whilst his limited colour pallet invites a quiet gaze at the busy subject matter. It is humble in its execution. The tonal balance and the angles in the composition, a very pleasing.





Annie Joseph:  Morning at Locksley

Highly Commended: Morning at Locksley

Artist: Annie Joseph

Medium: Watercolour

Judges’ comments:

This watercolour needs to be seen.  The subtleties are breathtaking. A classic highly skilled work, drawing the viewer down the dirt road as the daylight comes or goes. It evokes a sense of peace and depth. The gentle blending of colour can be easily unseen, which shows how Annie’s practise has been honed.





Julie Paterson: Somewhere else, Australia

Highly Commended:  Somewhere else, Australia

Artist:  Julie Paterson

Medium:  Acrylic on linen

Judges’ comments: 

Julie’s work spoke to me about earthy, natural textures, and the complexity of simple things. I enjoyed the way Julie applied colour to the linen surface, and allowed it to tell its own story by being uneven, and textural.  The shadow colour of the distant mountain was a lovely surprise. And then there was the delight of the stitching in the foreground, complimenting the random marks of branches and vegetation.




Chris Stevenson:  Australian Natives 1

Highly Commended:  Australian Natives 1

Artist: Chris Stevenson

Medium:  Acrylic on board

Judges’ comments: 

Even though I could hardly recognise the native plants, it didn’t matter. I could feel them. This artwork was so appealing due to Chris’s passionate application.  It shouted, “This is fun and the plants are glorious.” The use of thick paint, brush marks and patterned highlights added excitement. The beautiful colour palette of ochre and greens was really was gorgeous.





Sharyn Wright: The Church

Highly Commended:  The Church

Artist: Sharyn Wright

Medium: Lino print

Judges’ comments: 

I gasped with amazement when I laid eyes on this small yet powerful piece. The invitation to walk up that shadowed path with the dappled light was enticing.  It was the irregular pattern of light that was so fascinating and as a lino cut it stands out as a well executed artwork.






Denis Gallagher:  After the Fire 2

Commended:  After the Fire 2

Artist:  Denis Gallagher

Medium: Photography

Judges’ comments: 

This photograph took my eye, due to its beautiful colour, which I though was painted. Finding it was a photograph was a surprise. Apart from finding beauty in the pain of a bushfire, I found this piece to be rather gorgeous. The layout of dead and burnt foliage upon and about the rusted torn metal was definitely an invitation to be skilfully photographed.






Nicole George:  Bottles on Tabletop, Study

Commended:  Bottles on Tabletop, Study

Artist: Nicole George

Medium: Mixed media on paper


Simplicity is what attracted me to this artwork. The family of bottles is attractive, due to their subtle curves and differences. Then the choice of muted colours, and the unselfconscious lines, the imperfections and the way the paint was laid down, all contributed to a lovely piece.



Keith Lamport:  Going Fishing

Commended:Going Fishing

Artist:  Keith Lamport

Medium:  Watercolour

Judges’ comments: 

Well what a delight this watercolour is, evoking memories not only of fun days outdoors together, but old story books with paintings of kids and dogs outside.

I was just plain delighted by this image and then the skill of the watercolourist, to apply just enough paint and offer enough information for me to make up the rest. Beautiful application of shadows and gentle colour mixing made this a joy to look at.




Jan Melville: Reidsdale - Irish Corner

Commended: Reidsdale – Irish Corner

Artist:  Jan Melville

Medium: Mixed media print collage on canvas

Judges’ comments: 

This unusual work was a surprise and a delight, as I found it quiet lovely as well as strong and evocative. I was attracted to the texture and random shapes with no clear explanation. It has a sense of spaciousness, a wild place, outdoors, with wild things living there. The layered colours and prints added more interest, leaving me wanting to know more.






Mary Muss:  Marbels

Commended:  Marbels

Artist:  Mary Muss

Medium:  Oil

Judges’ comments: 

This one attracted my eye straight away. Marbels have always held a kind of magic within their translucent spheres, and Mary must have enjoyed their beauty too. But to paint them takes a good eye and artistic skill to create a little gem like this artwork. The detailed reflections and shadows are beautifully painted, yet it is still charmed by brush marks and is not attempting to be as realistic as a photo.



Liz Smith: Regain.  Unique state print.

Commended: Little Oberon Littoral

Artist: Ward O’Neill

Medium: Oil

Judges’ comments: 

I was drawn to this clear detailed painting. I almost shivered as I gazed upon the sparkling water and felt the tension in the swimmers shoulders. A beautifully crafted scene, painted with fine detail, yet free brush marks at the same time. It implied a deep understanding of how to paint water, which is a challenge for most. I also appreciated how sensitive Ward was in allowing the viewer to really get the feeling of the figure entering the surf.


Kathryn Hope:  Lake View

People’s Choice:  Lake View

Artist: Kathryn Hope

Medium: Wax, oil


Else-Beate Bright:  Remembering Charcoal Lane - Archie Roach

Encouragement Award:  Remembering Charcoal Lane – Archie Roach

Artist: Else-Beate Bright

Medium: Watercolour on canvas

Judges’ comments: 

 This work shows sensitivity to its subject, and is appealing in its gentle tonal application of paint. I felt this artist should receive this award to encourage them to realise their skill and potential to create more intriguing  works.