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Winner John Marsh

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Judge Jody Graham

Firstly, I would like to say it was a wonderful experience to have quite viewing time with artworks in this exhibition. Picking a winner and other place givers is a difficult task, especially when in my opinion we are all winners when we embrace creativity and encourage and share it with others. A wise friend once said to me, sometimes we win, sometimes don’t, most of the time we just make up the pack, for without that pack there would not be a group exhibition. This alone needs to be praised and I want to applaud all exhibiting participants and those that make a show like this happen.

Thank you for having me as the judge and congratulations to prize winners.

I would like to wish the Blackheath Art Society and its members all the very best with a wonderfully presented and curated exhibition.

Jody Graham

JOHN MARSH:  Early Autumn.  Acrylic

First Prize: Early Autumn

Artist: John Marsh

Medium:  Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

I am drawn to this work because the of the contemporary approach when considering a landscape. The artist has provided a unique perspective combined in a well-executed harmonious painting. The distinctive approach, use of colour and the well balanced connected fragmented blocks/spaces make this a standout work.




JAN MELVILLE:  Outback Rosa and Prize Rose

Second Prize:  Outback Rosa and Prize Rose

Artist: Jan Melville

Medium: Mixed media monotype

Judge’s comments: 

I kept coming back to this work. It is captivating. The juxtaposition of varied marks and visual elements creates an engaging narrative. This unusual collection of missing parts and the separation of pictorial elements deepens my interest and curiosity. This work provokes thought, is mesmerising and keeps giving the more you contemplate it.





VIRGINIA GRAY:  Golden Whistler.  Watercolour

Highly Commended: Golden Whistler

Artist: Virginia Gray

Medium: Watercolour

Judge’s comments:

A stunning little work!

An exquisite discovery, echoing how you witness seeing a Golden Whistler in life. A well observed and painted little bird in the mist of gloomy bushes. I totally enjoyed closely observing how well little features on the bird have been painted. A moment of beauty in this mostly colourless bush setting and the artists decision to only completely render the bird reveals sophisticated restraint.




KEITH LAMPORT:  Self Service at Maldon.  Watercolour

Highly Commended:  Self Service at Maldon

Artist:  Keith Lamport

Medium:  Watercolour

Judge’s comments: 

A beautifully well executed watercolour, with a lovely harmonious palette.

I liked both the simplicity of everyday subject matter combined with a clean, competent approach.

Charming in scale, subject and technique.


GAELE ROGERS PERAZZO:  Fire Grounds, Fog & Flooding Clouds (with Waterfall) 2020

Highly Commended: Fire Grounds, Fog & Flooding Clouds (with Waterfall) 2020

Artist: Gaele Rogers Perazzo

Medium:  Acrylic

Judge’s comments: 

This is a very unusual, strong work, provoking a lot of thought, especially about climate change and another way to view mountain landscapes. Colours in this work could be considered unnerving but the artist has rendered and used them in a fascinating way that draws you in and motivates you to question what you are looking at and why. I selected this work for the aesthetic risks and mystery it creates.





ANN WARNES:  The Potter's House Hill End.  Oil on canvas

Highly Commended: The Potter’s House Hill End

Artist: Ann Warnes

Medium: Oil on canvas

Judge’s comments: 

Loved this one as soon as I walked in. Its bold and brave and makes me want to jump the paling fences so reminiscent of Hill End and visit the occupants who reside there straight away.

I really enjoy what the artist is doing with paint, the application and variety of big and little brush marks and close up subject matter make this an exciting, fun artwork. 



MARGARET AALDERS:  The Dam.   Watercolour

Commended:  The Dam

Artist:  Magaret Aalders

Medium: Watercolour

Judge’s comments: 

Beautifully executed, with a variety of engaging marks. I like the use of light and dark and a composition that resonates a positive warm emotional response.





KYLIE BLAKEMORE:  Transitions.  Photograph on cotton rag

Commended:  Transitions

Artist: Kylie Blakemore

Medium: Photograph on cotton rag


This is a very moving image and one that has universal appeal. Many of us can relate to a scene like this and it has the power to trigger memories and experiences. I enjoyed contemplating this work and would suggest better framing to eliminate unnecessary visual information. This would increase the viewers ability to focus on the wealth of rich material in the work.




MADELINE COELHO:  Red Rooves South of France.  Watercolour

Commended: Red Rooves South of France

Artist:  Madeline Coelho

Medium:  Watercolour

Judges’ comments: 

The above view vantage point attracts attention to an enchanting urban landscape. The control with the use of mixed media in this work compliments the simple drawing and painting approach.

The makers joy is apparent and engaging in this artwork.

I think it is a simple, not overworked appealing artwork.



MAEVE DUNNETT:  Mike.  Oil paint

Commended: Mike

Artist:  Maeve Dunnett

Medium: Oil paint

Judge’s comments: 

The application of paint and brushstrokes creates a depth in this work that reveals intimate knowledge of the subject. There is a seriousness about this work that reveals integrity and commands respect.  





PAUL GORJAN:  Katoomba buildings amongst the trees  Oil on canvas

Commended: Katoomba buildings amongst the trees

Artist:  Paul Gorjan

Medium:  Oil on canvas

Judges’ comments: 

A familiar view painted in an exquisite style and palette very evocative of Katoomba.

The soft edged handling of paint in this colour scheme reflects an intimate connection to this urban subject.



PHIL WENT:  Two Onions & Garlic.  Oil on paper on wood

Commended: Two Onions and Garlic

Artist: Phil Went

Medium: Oil on paper on wood

Judges’ comments: 

The simplicity and darkness of this little work kept calling me back and I wanted to commend the artist for their technique and attraction to the simple. This work reminded me of the delights in the small and simple which I think has been achieved through careful considered brush marks and placement.

ROMAN BALLA:  RUSH.   Photo/digital print

People’s Choice:  RUSH

Artist: Roman Balla

Medium: Photo/digital print