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Winner Kathryn Hope

Judges Robin Martin and Lindena Robb

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Kathryn Hope: Hill & River

First Prize: Hill & River

Artist: Kathryn Hope

Medium:  wax, oil




Paul Gorjan:  At the Market place

Second Prize:  At the Marketplace

Artist: Paul Gorjan

Medium: Oil on canvas





Annie Joseph:  Morning at Locksley

Highly Commended: Morning at Locksley

Artist: Annie Joseph

Medium: Watercolour




Julie Paterson: Somewhere else, Australia

Highly Commended:  Somewhere else, Australia

Artist:  Julie Paterson

Medium:  Acrylic on linen




Chris Stevenson:  Australian Natives 1

Highly Commended:  Australian Natives 1

Artist: Chris Stevenson

Medium:  Acrylic on board





Sharyn Wright: The Church

Highly Commended:  The Church

Artist: Sharyn Wright

Medium: Lino print






Denis Gallagher:  After the Fire 2

Commended:  After the Fire 2

Artist:  Denis Gallagher

Medium: Photography






Nicole George:  Bottles on Tabletop, Study

Commended:  Bottles on Tabletop, Study

Artist: Nicole George

Medium: Mixed media on paper



Keith Lamport:  Going Fishing

Commended:Going Fishing

Artist:  Keith Lamport

Medium:  Watercolour




Jan Melville: Reidsdale - Irish Corner

Commended: Reidsdale – Irish Corner

Artist:  Jan Melville

Medium: Mixed media print collage on canvas






Mary Muss:  Marbels

Commended:  Marbels

Artist:  Mary Muss

Medium:  Oil



Liz Smith: Regain.  Unique state print.

Commended: Little Oberon Littoral

Artist: Ward O’Neill

Medium: Oil


Kathryn Hope:  Lake View

People’s Choice:  Lake View

Artist: Kathryn Hope

Medium: Wax, oil

Else-Beate Bright:  Remembering Charcoal Lane - Archie Roach

Encouragement Award:  Remembering Charcoal Lane – Archie Roach

Artist: Else-Beate Bright

Medium: Watercolour on canvas