3 Bushrangers Hill, Newport 2106


During many years of travel in Australia and overseas doing scientific work in remote areas from desert to mountains I often felt urged to record what I was seeing and feeling in the landscape into artistic expressions of some form.  Early fleeting attempts with oils, watercolour, pastels and pencil were generally exercises in frustration.  As my workload reduced I began to get some serious instruction (Tony Smibert, John Caldwell and others) and more time to make a sustained effort to produce paintings I was happy with (sometimes).  Somewhere along the line I became captured by the magic of watercolour and its unique ability to express the mystery, or drama, or softness that I often see in the landscape.  Still lots to learn and every painting is another lesson.

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Bob Richardson:  Secret River	45x34	Watercolour	2016 2016
Bob Richardson:  Forest Waters	35x25	Watercolour	2017
Bob Richardson:  Forest Lights	65x45	Watercolour	 2020
Bob Richardson: Autumn Colours	35x26	Watercolour	2020
Bob Richardson:  Cold Way Home	50x32	Watercolour	2020
Bob Richardson:  Follow me	37x28	Watercolour	2018