STUDIO GROUPS (Members Only)

 i  Artists throughout the ages have joined together to learn to learn from each other through the friendly exchange of expertise, information, informed critiques and simply seeing how others “do it”. Blackheath Art Society is continuing this very useful creative tradition and practice. The use of the studio for painting, drawing, printing and other approved uses is for members only via key-code access. The studio has easels and work tables but artists will need to bring their own special equipment and materials.

Studio Groups meet weekly.. The studio fee is $5 payable at time of use, with additional contributions for models and materials, depending on the group.

Casual access is by keycode, which members can request from the Membership Officer by emailing  There is no casual access when models are present, or from Tuesday before an exhibition to its last day, or during committee meetings, workshops and courses.  These dates are on the Calendar page of this website.


We are happy to welcome back studio groups only from 18 October.  There will be no casual use at this stage.

The requirements will be:


1. Double vaccination. This will be checked by the coordinator of the group, who will act as Covid Monitor and record the names of those whose double vaccination status has been confirmed.

2. Maximum numbers indoors in the studio: 10 people including model.

3. All must wear a mask indoors (including the model).


4. All must sanitise their hands on entry, preferably with soap (it is more effective).


5. The 4 metres distance rule will apply and 1.5 metres between participants.


6. Use the QR Code or write your name and correct phone number in the Registration Book on entry. Also you must certify you agree with the conditions – that in the last 14 days you have had no symptoms, no positive COVID19 test, no travel from afar, no contact with COVID19 infected persons and are otherwise healthy. A register will be kept of the vaccination status of participants. You will not have to show your vaccination status after it has been recorded the first time.

7. The usual conditions apply: please do not attend if unwell or if you have been to an exposure site. And please remember to get tested if you have symptoms.

8. One person per table and /or easel.

9. Disinfect hard surfaces before and after use.

10. Payment as usual; bring correct change to limit handling

11.  The kitchen is now open to one (1) person at a time ONLY. You may use the microwave, fridge, and kettle but please bring your own everything else, take it all away with you and leave the kitchen cleaner than you found it. Thanks!

We are currently checking with coordinators that they are still intending to be the studio group coordinator and we will communicate any updates before the 18th. At this stage, though, people can plan to attend their usual studio groups from Monday 18th onwards.

The studio will remain locked and coordinators will need a key to open up.

Please email any comments or questions to and Constance will get back to you promptly.


Convenors will ensure that:

1. Maximum number in the studio to be limited to 9 artists plus a tutor and a model if required. 

2. The model’s sheets are laundered after each session.




To book, ring DIANNA DWYER on THURSDAYS  between 2pm and 4pm (02 4758 9897).

  • If you book, Please attend.
  • You can book for both but, if you do, you must attend both.”

$20 per session. Cost for tutored session is the same as tutors have generously offered to do it gratis.
(includes studio fee)

Christmas holiday break: last session 14 Dec 2020, and returning 18 Jan 2021 (to be confirmed.)

see also LIFE PAINTING below.


MONDAY 10am – 12pm

With tutoring by Ward O’Neill

MONDAY 1pm – 3pm

Without tutoring

We have excellent models and poses are arranged for 2-minute and 5-minute sketches and then for a combination of 10, 15 and 20 minute poses.


Contact: Carol Smallwood
0428 525 248
Cost:      $5 per session for studio fee.

This group welcomes artists working in watercolour and other mediums such as acrylic, ink, or gouache (no oils).

Xmas holiday break: last session 15 Dec 2020, and returning 19 Jan 2021.


TUESDAY 10am – 2pm

An interesting variety of work is produced by artists of varying levels of ability, all of whom are keen to explore the endless possibilities of this medium.
Like all groups, it is friendly and helpful, with members benefiting from interaction with others and from constructive discussions of problems.


The group particularly welcomes people who are interested in creatively exploring the connection between the artist and their subject.  We’ll be initially using photographs to paint from. Bring all your own materials. All media are fine (if oils, no turps please). Easels and drawing boards are available. We look forward to sharing information and skills knowledge.

WEDNESDAY 10am – 1pm


Maeve Dunnett 0435 787 992. 

Cost: $5 studio fee.

First session Wednesday 27 January 2021.


Wednesday 2pm to 5pm
Contact: Jo Chipperfield
0418 633 923
Cost :     $10 per session, which includes studio and material fees.

Xmas holiday break: last session 9 Dec 2020, and returning 3 Feb 2021.


WEDNESDAY 2pm – 5pm

Please bring along any tools you have, and if you have a project you want to start or continue, you’re welcome to bring that also.
Wear old clothes or bring an apron, and wear covered shoes. We will have some equipment and clay to play with if you don’t have any of your own. The fee is $10 which includes material fees plus the usual studio fee of $5, if you would like to buy some clay it will only be a few dollars (depending on how much you use). If you missed out on the workshop and would like to know some basics,  I will be able to give you some instruction to get you started. I look forward to seeing you! Jo Chipperfield

Life Study

Thursday 9:15am to 12:15pm.

Next long pose starts 15 Oct 2020.  This pose will be for 6 weeks.

Contact: Phil Went 0400 609 368.
Cost:      Multi-week study, $35 per week for the pose length, payable in advance.  Casual – if available – $40 per week.  Includes studio and model fees.
Places strictly limited.

Xmas holiday break: last session 17 Dec 2020, and returning 21 Jan 2021.

Phil Went: Ian


This life study is a fixed pose for periods of up to ten weeks depending on model availability, of three hours each week. It is a rare opportunity to do this type of extended academic study from life.
NOTE: The pose is unchanged for the whole duration, not just the session. This is so that an in-depth drawing or painting from the same viewpoint can be worked on for the whole period, in a similar way that classical ateliers overseas work.


Contact: Robert Malherbe

0432 982815

$25 per session (includes studio and model fees.)

Please contact Robert to join this group. There is no casual access at this time.

Xmas holiday break: last session 3 Dec 2020, and returning 4 Feb 2021


THURSDAYS 1pm to 3pm

Please contact Robert to join this group. There is no casual access at this time. Please check with Robert as it is not always on every week.


Contact: Adele Bruens 0402 808 636
Cost:      $5 for studio fee.
We have a printing press for your use.

Xmas holiday period: member artists are welcome to use the printing press over the holidays, but the group will have its final 2020 session on 18 Dec 2020 and restart on 15 Jan 2021.

FRIDAYS from 10am – 2pm

The studio has a dedicated print room with a small press suitable for both intaglio and relief printing and is equipped with glass plates for mixing and rolling ink and troughs for soaking paper prior to printing.  Printmakers tend to prepare their plates at home and to use the studio primarily for printing editions but you may choose to do otherwise. As with all the groups there is the opportunity to exchange information about techniques when working together in the studio.


Thierry Ollivain:  Le Plein

The photography groups meets monthly.
Contact:  Ian Batty 0422 692 233.
Cost:      $5 for studio fee.

Xmas holiday period: new year meeting planned for late January 2021.