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Jennifer Turner:  1.	Baking Dish with Lemons – 50 x 60 – Acrylic on canvas – October 2022
Jennifer Turner:  2.	Wire basket with Citrus and Peaches – 50 x 60 – Acrylic on Canvas – February 2023
Jennifer Turner:  3.	Colander with Lemons – 50 x 60 - Acrylic on canvas – May 2023
Jennifer Turner:  4.	Sweetpeas in Green Glass – 20 x 25 – Acrylic on canvas – March 2022
Jennifer Turner:  5.	Onions Fresh from the Garden – 25 x 30 - Acrylic on canvas – April 2023
Jennifer Turner:  6.	Mum’s Old Colander with Lemons – 50 x 60 - Acrylic on canvas – May 2023

Principally working in acrylics on canvas, I came to painting relatively recently and so for the last five years I have loved finding and showing the beauty in the ordinary objects we see around us. My subject inspiration is very often found in the kitchen where a gorgeous onion or garlic, apple or pear sits showing off its curves and asking to be painted. The inspiration for my style lies in the Dutch renaissance masters with their luscious still life studies that explored the intricate interplay of light and shadow. This chiaroscuro style calmly asks us to notice that both light and shadow reveal the object, creating a feeling of memory and nostalgia. I hope that my work can add to this tradition through still life style paintings that are beautiful and balanced without contrivance, conferring a reverence for the ordinary objects I choose to paint.